Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 34

34 Chapter 34
"Switch." Clark's view changed in an instant. The hot desert air around him vanished and was quickly replaced by the cool and embracing abundance of spiritual essence.

There was really no comparison to the two environments.

"THUD!" a middle aged man's body dropped dead unto the soft comforts of the bed. Although he did not feel tired at all but it was still so good to close his eyes in relaxation.

He daydreamed about myriad of things for seven minutes tops before he roused himself to motion once more.

'Hmmm... I don't smell too good.' Clark realized when his sharp senses told him of this blatant truth.

The hot desert may have drenched him in sweat and he did not even feel any discomfort at all during that time.


"Being a cultivator is really op af." Clark stretched on the bed and decided that he would take a quick shower after he leveled up.

At this moment, he remembered that he has still something that he forgot to try.

"Spirit Stones!" Clark withdrew a bottle that contained 100 of these white perfect circle candies. He opened it up and took one of the said pills.

'I wonder how it tastes like.' To answer his interest, Clark waited no further and eagerly put the milky tablet in his mouth.

Within moments, it melted within and he savored the most unforgettable thing he'd ever put inside his mouth to date.

It was a euphoric experience in the same way it felt when he did his monotonous cultivation earlier in the day. Only multiply that to a hundred times. Perhaps even more!

"Ohhh my god! How could something like this exist?!" Clark looked at the spirit stones in absolute shock.

With the presence of this thing in this world, he doubted not that every cultivator was a walking junkie in the flesh.

"I hope i don't get addicted to this or something." Clark whispered but that has not hindered him at all from taking another sample from the said bottle of nirvana.

"Ahhh... Amazing!" He moaned in pleasure and totally collapsed on the bed to better relish the uniqueness of this moment.

The pure spiritual essence of the world blessed the entirety of his body with no need whatsoever on his part to digest them up for any impurities.

All he had to do was take them and alas, heaven was a nearby friend to confide.

"How much exp did i get from that, Nancy?" Clark asked after the rush of happiness passed by.


"You have consumed 1 spirit stone, host has gained .1 xp!" Nancy replayed the notification earlier.


"Are you sure that it only gives me .1 experience for a single spirit stone, Nancy?!" Clark exclaimed as he abruptly sat up on the bed.

He shook his head to whisk away the state of extreme satisfaction that lulled him to a false sense of security.

'I still have so much to do. I'm not going to be hooked with anything in this xianxia world. This is fake! I have to go back to the real world. My home!'