Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 35

35 Chapter 35
"Affirmative, host. One spirit stone is equivalent to .1 experience for you." Nancy answered.

"I see. I guess it's better to take three of these pills than cultivating for 5 long minutes and getting the same exact effect." Clark said after a short pause.

"Can i eat all this spirit stones and get no side effects from it, Nancy?"

Clark asked because he had read from web novels in the past that taking in huge amounts of substances like these can have hidden toxicity that would in turn result to varied consequences unto a cultivator.

He did not want subtle dangers like this to remain in place to bite him in the ass in the future.

"Affirmative, host. These are natural products between the heaven and the earth.

Although it is processed by mortal hands from spiritual mines but what they did is only divide the produce to little fractions.

What you see now, the one that you call a spirit stone, is but a tiny part of a whole. The miners only wrapped the spiritual liquid and let it solidify to this current form.

In the end, its pure energy was preserved with no ill effects whatsoever." Nancy explained.

"Hmmm... That's great to hear then." He recalled that his soon to be in laws were still too weak after being the best family in the city of Haran.

Clark wanted to know the reason behind that and so he asked,

"How much spirit stones does one need in order to fully reach the Foundation Establishment Realm?" Clark took a third candy and put it in his mouth.

"Approximately 2,027,000 spirit stones, host."

"HAK!" Clark coughed in response.

"Say that again."

"Approximately 2,027,000 spirit stones, host."

"Holy Fuck!" Clark exclaimed in surprise. What was 2 million spirit stones? That was like 20% the price of the most expensive items in the system's shop.

'It was no wonder why the majority of the people in the cities are only at Mortal Shedding Realm.'

'The cost to rise further in strength and stages is just too steep for anyone without proper backing to succeed.' Clark shook his head and paid no more thoughts about this topic.

"Let me finish what i started then."

Clark muttered and poured the remaining contents of the bottle into his mouth. He did not chew the spirit stones but directly gulped them down like a hungry shark in the seas.

"You have consumed 97 spirit stones, host has gained 9.7 xp!"

"Huhhhhh..." Clark released a breath as he felt nothing but perfection raged inside his body.

"This kind of feeling can only get better and better." He plopped on the bed and was content with digesting just one bottle of spirit stones.

He had only 31,500 of them left and it was better to save them up until he got his first 10 million.

"After that... the world shall be my oyster!" Clark closed his eyes and whistled some tunes to while the time away. A few minutes more of this and the awaited outcome finally appeared.

"Congratulations, host. You have gained a new level. Please visit the system menu for further details." Nancy announced with her usual lovely voice.

"HAHAHA! Level 10 at last! New skills to use! Now this is going to be explosive!" Clark immediately sat up and was about to open the system interface. Alas, three knocks on the door disturbed his revelry.

"What is it, Lai Peng?" Although Clark was annoyed but he did not let it show in his voice.

"You have some visitors, master."


"It's the Yan Family, master."