Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 36

36 Chapter 36
"So somebody has come to die."

"Too bad that I'm not one to disappoint." Clark whispered to himself and went out to fulfill the death wishes of some people.

"Stay here, Lai Peng. This will be quick." He said to his faithful servant and immediately left the scene with only fleeting after images to mark his passage.

What would have taken 5 minute of brisk walking to arrive, Clark shortened that off to mere seconds.

He arrived outside of the Lu Family Business Pavilion to witness a group of angry men that had already bore their weapons down if their desires were not met.

"What seems to be the matter, Lu Fang?" Clark asked loudly amidst the ongoing commotion.

"IS THAT HIM?! IS THAT LU CHEN?! THE ONE WHO KILLED MY MEN?!" a handsome young master pointed at the newly arrived Clark.

The goons around him was of course not aware of what Lu Chen looked like so they could only stare at Clark like ravenous beasts. Ready to pounce at their master's bidding.

Although they only numbered 2 dozen but they still had the guts to disturb the Lu Family's properties simply because they felt they had a right to do so.

After all, both Yan and Lu Family belonged to the 13 most influential clan in the city of Nexus.

"It would be best if we would talk this out, Young Master Yan Kang." Lu Fang urged peace rather than conflict. He was old enough to know that discord was certainly not good for business.

As long as both parties settle this amicably then it wouldn't matter if the Lu Family gave a little recompense to settle this dispute.

"We are willing to pay for the burial expense and lifetime assistance for the widows and children of your fallen men. If you have any more wishes, we can talk it inside. Please." Lu Fang invited warmly.

"So this man is really that bastard Lu Chen!" Yan Kang ignored the friendly words of Lu Fang. Instead his eyes were throwing daggers of death towards our good gamer.

If looks could kill, there was no doubt that Clark would have succumbed to a porcupine funeral at where he stood. Alas, such easy killings was not afforded to the powerless.

"I want nothing more but Lu Chen's life!"

"Can you give me that, Master Lu Fang?" Yan Kang uttered in a grave voice. To lose his men slash family without getting justice to their deaths was also a disgrace to him as their master.

This ambitious young master did not want this event to tarnish his stellar reputation within the clan.

"Young Master Yan Kang, the Lu Family will not sit idly by if y..." Lu Fang wanted to argue once more and defend his old friend. Unfortunately, Clark has not let him finished what he had to say.

"I will handle this, Lu Fang."

"It's my mess so i will clean it by myself." Clark stated firmly and carelessly strode unto the very lions that wanted to eat him up for an afternoon snack.

The excited audience did not also want to miss such a hyped event and so they parted kindly to let Clark enter unto the lions' den.

A breath later, the gap was quickly filled once again with more bodies.