Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 37

37 Chapter 37
"You are brave i give you that."

"But murdering the Yan Family's men was a mistake."

"It would be the last mistake that you will ever make." Yan Kang vowed seriously into the open.

"Indeed it was a mistake to let you live."

"And i thought that i was being pretty kind enough to let you fuck your women in peace."

"Still, here you are again to let me correct what i should have done earlier today."

"Hmmm So are you ready to die now?" Clark asked then sighed as he shook his head. He could not fathom why arrogant young masters were programmed like this.

It was as if they were tired of living and so would constantly find ways to see the Reapers of Death way before their time.

'At least, they would give me a little bit of exp. A sad consolation prize for me still.' Clark sighed for the second time.

"YOU FOOL! Do you think i did not come prepared this time?!"

"Since you could defeat Yan Ru then you are at most at the Second Stage of Mortal Shedding Realm!" Yan Kang mentioned his dead bodyguard's name. His favorite old coachman who was at the first stage.

It was now high time to reveal the ace on his sleeves.

"Master Yan Di!" Yan Kang called and laughed annoyingly at Clark's face. Three breaths elapsed and nothing happened.

"MASTER YAN DI!" The arrogant young master tried again. And still nothing.

"Maybe he's preoccupied with his women, boss?" a goon suggested.

"Yes, yes. That old rotten man is still as naughty as ever, boss. He loves to collect women and takes his time with them well." another goon supplied.

"Father said that he would be here. He must be playing around and wants to teach me a lesson." Yan Kang murmured.


"YANNNNNNN DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!" Yan Kang roared angrily. It was long and rather painful to watch.

"Don't shout my name, little brat."

"You don't deserve to even speak the tune of it on your dirty baby lips." an old man's voice finally answered Yan Kang's call.

Not another second after and the dried husk of an aged grandfather graced the event.

"That's really MASTER YAN DI!"

"One who has already stepped on the Third Stage of Mortal Shedding Realm!"

"Lu Chen will surely die!"

"So sad. And he just only listed as a new cultivator for our Lu Family this morning."

"Can anyone from our Elders rescue him?" The audience talked amongst themselves after seeing this fresh development.

Everyone unconsciously backed away in fear of getting swallowed up by the eventual fight between cultivators. Yan Kang of course saw this and he could not help but grin at these fools' ignorance.

All the old men were all rivals in what little cultivation resources was to be had in this small city of Nexus.

If they had their way then they would only promote more massacres amongst them. Not less.

"Can you help me disable that man, Master Yan Di?" Yan Kang requested lowly and even had the gall to smile at the old man.

This young master was indeed well educated on how to suck ass when necessary.

"Disable, huh? You have some wicked thoughts on your head, little brat." Yan Di fully realized that Yan Kang was not planning to let this man called Lu Chen get a swift death.

Torture was really much probable in here. And especially for a cultivator where it would take a very very long time to die, such a gruesome fate was indeed extremely lamentable.

"Well, that doesn't concern me at all." Yan Di shrugged and slowly approached a middle aged man who looked at him with curious eyes.