Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 38

38 Chapter 38
'How can this NPC remain this brave?'

'Can't he sense that i'm much stronger than he could ever imagine at this moment?' Clark mused inside.

He remembered that Princess Ning Xi was quite aware of his strength with just 4 big stages of gap between them in the past.

'Well, i guess it's safe to assume that one could not perceive another's true power if there was a difference of at least 5 stages in the same cultivation realm.'

Clark concluded his thought here because Master Yan Di was already about 30 feet away from him.

"It's surprising to see someone this calm in the face of imminent death."

"You must have some balls of steel, Master Lu Chen."

Yan Di honored this seemingly easy prey with the respect that he deserved given the dire circumstances that loomed over his head.

It was indeed not common to see this kind of reaction from some who has no way out from his current predicament.

Normally, most people would have long begged and cried on their knees for forgiveness. Alas, Lu Chen was certainly admirable to at least appear dignified in his last moments.

'Not for long though.' Yan Di sentenced with absolute conviction.

"Let's get this over with. You don't have to waste my time anymore as i have so many things i'd rather do right now." Clark rested his hands on his hips in a perfect show of nonchalance.

"Please. Master Yan Di, was it?" He asked with a smirk. Clark then opened his arms wide in open invitation.

"Come at me and die." Clark taunted.

"I WILL BREAK YOUR BONES AND LET YOU EAT IT FOR YOUR ARROGANCE!" Master Yan Di roared and then he was gone with the wind.

His figure dissolved in darkness and what can only be seen was how a fast shadow approached the static form of Lu Chen.

'Wise.' Yan Di approved. He was thinking that Lu Chen has now totally accepted his fate and just stood there to take his punishment. And all that big talk earlier was merely the final hubris of a dying man.

In his speed where everything appeared frozen in place, there was definitely no way out for his prey. Yan Di bore a merciless right kick towards the leg on Lu Chen.

'It's over.'

"BANG!" an unfortunate human arrow tumbled on the side after the impact. He rolled over and over again before a pitiful stop in dust and debris.

* * *

"LU CHEN!" Lu Fang may have closed his eyes in fear of what he might see but that has not saved him from calling the name of his friend.

He took some precious seconds to accept the reality of the situation before he opened his eyes once more to face this unwanted truth like a man.

'What's going on?' Lu Fang asked inside. He realized that there was only silence on the scene.

He looked to the last place he'd seen Lu Chen had been and almost teared up when he saw that only an empty ground graced his vision.