Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 39

39 Chapter 39
"He's gone." Lu Fang muttered sadly. But it did not take him long to notice that all heads in the vicinity was directed at a specific spot in the field.

When he did, Lu Fang could not help but keep his silence just like the rest of the people around him.

* * *

Clark stalked a beaten old goat in a leisurely manner. It was surprising that Master Yan Di did not cry in anguish after he had lost a sizable part of his knee as consequence for his attack.

Yan Di expected that he would pulverize Lu Chen's legs from beneath him but it was sad that it was him who suffered this cruel fate of getting disabled instead.

"You have hidden very deeply, Master Lu Chen."

"But i do not believe that someone like you could have sprang from the ground up without the careful support of the Lu Family. Very well done indeed!

Your clan has now 5 Mortal Shedding Experts at fourth stage! And i would dare guess that there could be more of you still hiding in the shadows!" Yan Di announced loudly.

He knew that he can't live another day after this but that has not at all disheartened him. At least, the news will leak out and his Yan Family will have been alarmed of Lu Family's dark machinations.

For him, that was more than enough. Master Yan Di looked towards the left where Yan Kang stood in stupefied pose.

'That stupid little brat!'

'If not for him, i would not have been dragged into this mess.'

"Heh, at least i shall have many company in the fiery pits of the Abyss tonight." Master Yan Di grinned and with the use of his remaining leg, jumped unto the maws of death.

"BOOM!" a hollow explosion rang on the ears of everyone. But more than that, all stood witness to how a Third Stage of Mortal Shedding Realm was skewered by a bloody left hand.

A heart melted in gore just like that!

"THUD!" the lifeless body of Yan Di fell to everybody's horror. A respected cultivator that reigned over the bodies and minds of millions kissed the dust in eternal farewell.

'LU FAMILY'S MASTER LU CHEN!' This name was tattooed on everyone's mind at this moment.

"Damn! I really need to take a bath and change unto some new clothes after. These garments are simply too fragile to bring into fights."

Clark moaned as he looked at the tattered remains of his luxurious black robes. His strong manly right thigh was displayed sexily in the light of day. Clark could only shake his head at this result.

He leaned down to check for Yan Di's belongings but found no storage ring on his body.

The dead man did not even bring a weapon in this engagement at all which showed enough on how much he looked down on this task.

"Only a pouch of gold coins and nothing else."

"Are all cultivators in Nexus City this poor?" Clark was disappointed at his find. After a few more breaths of useless search, he rose once again to seek a very pompous young master from earlier.

"There you are, Young Master Yan Kang. It's time for you to die."