Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 4

4 Chapter 4
"...100% installation complete! Congratulations, host. You have won the favor of a god. Please check system menu for further details." Clark ignored the natural introduction of the system.

The long list of xianxia novels he'd read before had all but indoctrinated him of the struggles ahead. He knew that what will follow was a path of pure bloodshed and suffering.

The one thing that he did not wish to experience himself unless it was in front of the pc screen or any other gaming modules.

"System Spirit, can you take me back home? I don't want to be here." Clark plead instead.

He was a sheltered boy and even if he could be considered a young man already at 19 but in those years, he had truly never suffered any pain or difficulties in life.

He just sailed through it smoothly and tasted the fruits of his parents' blood, sweat and tears. So in front of his first hurdle, the young Clark was completely devastated.

"Negative, host. You shall have to ascend this world before you could go back to your original realm.

When that time comes, you could even reverse time and enjoy the life that you missed no matter how much time had passed in here. Believe in yourself, host. I know that you can do it!"

the emotionless voice turned energetic in a blink.

The system was aware of its host's feelings and was aptly doing its job as an epic system that was unparalleled above all others that had come before it.


"Okay." Clark nodded after 20 breaths of accepting the reality of his situation. At least he could see that there was still hope to be had and the thoughts of going back to that blissful life kindled his confidence a bit.

"Let me see the system interface."

"Affirmative, host."

Host: Clark Colter

Level: None

Class: None

System Shop

Shop Points: None

The information listed themselves in a clear green text before Clark's eyes. It was understandable and simple enough for a crazy reader and gamer like he was.

He raised a hand and pointed at the System Shop column and it provided him its myriad of options.



Cultivation Manuals...



and the list went as long as his imagination could conjure. It even had cooking recipes and 100 ways to make a woman reach nirvana within it. Clark was truly flabbergasted at how inclusive this system shop was.

"I see no quests." Clark murmured when he realized the lack of such an important function in the system.

"You can level up by killing monsters or other things that has life, host. The system does not restrict nor care about how you should lead your life. Choose a path and take it. You are free to do what you will, host."

"I see. Then this makes things a little bit simpler. Do i have a beginner's gift pack or something?" Clark asked.

"Negative, host. But you could start to choose a class. Do you want to do that now?"

"Yes, please."










a long list that may have reached hundreds or more laid out uniformly in Clark's eyes. Yet it only took him less than seven minutes to choose an appropriate class for himself.

"Are you sure you want to pick that class, host? The choice is irreversible and the next time you will be able to take another profession is at level 20." the system asked.

"Yes, I am."

"Applying chosen profession to the host... at 1% and counting."