Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 40

40 Chapter 40
'It's time for you to die.' The words echoed in Yan Kang's mind. He trembled for a few breaths before he gathered himself to at least try have a peaceful resolution to this whole dilemma.

One that did not involve his death in the outcome.

"I apologize for any misunderstanding we had, Master Lu Chen. If you have any demands, i guarantee that my father will meet them.

My father is also a Fourth Stage Expert of Mortal Shedding just like you are.

I'm sure that if given the right time and opportunity, both of you will become good acquaintance if not fast friends at first meeting." Young Master Yan Kang bowed to hip level to properly show his sincerity.

"Ahhhh... Young Master Yan Kang is wise beyond his age."

"Truly, it is always better to build bridges rather than burn one."

"But isn't the case already passed beyond that since Master Lu Chen has already killed 2 cultivators of the Yan Family?"

"How stupid can you get?! Do you think that Yan Kang's Father, Elder Yan Kun, would put his family at risk only because of that? Absolutely impossible!"

"But what if the Yan Patriarch interferes?"

"Well, if it comes to that, then it will be a different matter altogether." The audience talked amongst themselves. Some even had a heated discussion because of this.

"Lu Chen! I think it's best that you accept the words of Young Master Yan Kang. Why don't we settle this amicably instead?

Two pair of lives has already been wasted today and it would harm our Lu Family should you add more to that count." Lu Fang tried to be the peacekeeper as always.

"Hall Master Lu Fang is indeed right, Master Lu Chen. And also, Elder Yan Kun favors his son so much because Young Master Yan Kang is his firstborn child."

Another old man from the Lu Family tried to convince the expressionless Clark.

Three breaths passed and no sound was heard from Clark's part which brought about a new buzz from both the people of Lu and guests from other Families on the scene.

"Shall we go inside to discuss this, Young Master Yan Kang?" Lu Fang invited with a shaky smile on his face.

"I would love that, Master Lu Fang. Please..." Yan Kang nodded repeatedly in relief.

Alas, he was not able to take the sixth step towards the Lu Central Pavilion before our good gamer decided to burst his bubble.

"I believe that all of you has already heard me say what would happen today. Especially that of Yan Kang's fate."

Clark interrupted in a cold voice. He shook his head as he roamed his eyes on the 25 men of Yan around him with no pity whatsoever in those dark starless pits.

"So this is goodbye, I guess. Farewell, Young Master Yan Kang. Be sure to practice caution in your next life."

"Master Lu Chen, we can still salvage this situation. Surely you don't want to antagonize the entirety of my Yan Family. Just tell me what i should do in order to make it right between us."

Yan Kang did not lose hope.