Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 41

41 Chapter 41
'Just you wait when i tell my father of what happened! I will definitely come back and let you pay tenfold for today's humiliation.' Yan Kang vowed secretly.

Time passed by in an eerie silence once more. Yan Kang took one blink. Then another. But upon the third, he realized that Lu Chen has already vanished from his spot.



"THUD!" a symphony of heavy bodies dropping all over the place serenaded Yan Kang's ears in full volume. Two dozen warriors died without any chance of resistance.

They did not even know how they died at all.

"I only need you to die. I want nothing else." these were the last words that Young Master Yan Kang heard before he felt a pain on his torso and then... then there was only eternal darkness.

"You have killed Yan Kang... host has gained 1 xp!" Clark heard the notification from the system. He was not happy at all.

'You have such a loud mouth and yet you only count same as pigs, rabbits, and wild boars in experience. Ahhh... There's really no justice in this world.'

Clark sighed and did not even bother to check Yan Kang for any loot. He judged that it was a useless act instead. At least, that was what he thought at first.

'What about the shiny precious gold coins? Although i don't need to eat food anymore but they still have their uses after all.' the realization mocked Clark's otherwise respectful gait.

But since everyone's eyes were fixed on him, it would be too shameful to turn around now and pick the pockets of the dead. Alas, it was time for some subtlety.

"What is Master Lu Chen doing?"

"I don't know. Maybe he's checking if Young Master Yan Kang is truly dead?" The crowd wondered when a barely discernible shadow visited the fallen corpse of the recent arrogant young master.

Clark took only seven seconds to fully search for gold. It needed this much time because he had to be careful in taking stuff in that kind of speed.

Else he unintentionally thrash the cold body and have it naked for all eyes to feast.

"Lu Chen, you..." Lu Fang was the first to recover when Clark was about to return to his dwelling as if nothing of consequence happened today.

"It is done, Lu Fang. If the Yan Family wishes to exact revenge for their men, let our Elders know that i will be responsible for my own actions. I will face the Yan Family alone if i have to.

The Lu Clan doesn't have to lend a hand at all." Clark answered before Lu Fang could even formulate his statement.

"You've grown unfathomable in just a day, Lu Chen. I'm wondering that perhaps what occurred in the Tree of Trials was not a mistake. Are you really at eig..."

This time, it was Lu Fang's choice to put a halt to his words. He looked around and was aware that all ears were on him at the moment. That was not good at all.

"An unfinished question. A worthy puzzle, don't you think? Old friend." Clark smiled mysteriously.

He did a couple of friendly taps on Lu Fang's shoulder then without another word spoken, Clark left in a blaze of shadows.