Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 42

42 Chapter 42
"Do you want some refreshments, master?" These were the words that welcomed Clark when he got back into his residence.

The old servant was wise enough to not pry deeply into things that did not concern him. As long as his master Lu Chen was fine and in one piece, all the other issues in this world mattered not.

"I'm good, Lai Peng. Call me if any other guests visit our humble home later. I'll be sure to make it worth their time in coming here."

Clark may have uttered the words in jest but Old Peng felt an intense foreboding of doom settle in place around them.

"I will immediately inform you once they arrive, master. I've also already put your old clothes inside your room." Old Peng replied calmly.

He particularly looked at the torn robes of Lu Chen since the right part of it was basically nonexistent at the moment.

The old slave sighed in relief after he realized that there was no blood on his master's thigh.

'The peaceful monotonous days are over since my master is now a cultivator. I should get used to this kind of lifestyle soon.' Old Peng determined.

"Hmmm... Good work, Lai Peng." Clark nodded and went back to his room. True enough, there were 3 wooden trunks inside. These were Lu Chen's treasured items.

Clark opened one and rummaged for a specific object. An ancient scroll to be exact. This thing had journeyed along together with the bitterness of Lu Chen for as long as he could remember.

Clark was about to unroll the memorabilia but stopped himself on time.


'The past should not be remembered in the light of day. Let me get back to you when night comes after a few more hours.'

Clark shook his head as he realized that Lu Chen and him had indeed become inseparable. Try as might right now but he really could not deny this truth.

Perhaps he could find ways in the future to get rid of Lu Chen's regrets and obsessions but that won't definitely happen anytime soon.

"Enough of that. It's about time I check on some exciting upgrades that the new level has brought me." Clark grinned and happily jumped on the soft bed to do just that.

After he had rested comfortably on his back and painted a picture of utmost relaxation, Clark then started his system diving.

"Open status."


Host: Clark Colter

Power: 101

Experience: 1,189/100,000

Health: 550/550

Health Regen: 5/s

Mana: 550/550

Mana Regen: 3/s

Level: 10

Class: Necromancer

System Shop

Shop Points: None

Class Skills

Skill Points: 8

"HAHAHA! This is so convenient! I had just only returned from a quick workout and I have now more than 1% in exp already.

A few more of this, then i can finally step on the Foundation Establishment Realm! So good! The idle farm that the necromancer class gives me is really pretty op!

I was indeed not wrong in choosing this profession!" The gamer in Clark grinned like a child with a new toy on his hands after he saw his character sheet.