Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 43

43 Chapter 43
"Now on to new abilities!" Clark exploded with glee.

He then clicked on the column Class Skills and saw the 3 Talent Trees therein.

Summoning Talent Tree,

Death Magic Talent Tree,

Cursed Words Talent Tree.

'Let me check the Summoning Talent Tree first.' Clark thought and proceeded with an easy wordless command unto his able system.

The tree had grown two branches to give our good gamer a pair of picks to choose from.

Create Skeleton recycle the bones of the dead to your own will. (no cd, no limit in size and structure)

Corpse Resurrection summon the dead back into the living. (no cd, strength handicap starts at 50%, requires at least one bone fragment to conjure the dead, ashes not applicable)

"Sweet!" Clark groaned lewdly to show his appreciation to the new skills that graced his eyes.

Since both were absolutely perfect for his needs, he wasted no more time in enjoying scenery alone and decided to dive right in to experience these new magics' might for himself.

"Add 1 point to each, Nancy."

"Affirmative, host."


"You now have only 6 skill points left, host. Please choose wisely on how to spend them next." Nancy advised like the caring system spirit she embodied.

"Thank you, Nancy. I plan to do just that."

"But first i need to see how these two skills shall add up to my repertoire of strengths."

"It seems I will once more feel the scorching embrace of the desert sun."

Clark sighed then called on his Blood Twin to send him once again to someplace secret to do his experiments. A location away from the prying eyes of anyone.

"Body Switch." Clark said and was immediately transported to another world entirely.

"I can't say that i miss seeing this place."

"But this will have to accommodate me well enough temporarily." Clark muttered in helplessness.

He would have liked to have a secret base or something to do this kinds of things and not torture himself over and over again in these hot earths.

"That will have to wait I guess until a later time. Soon." Clark reconciled.

"Give me two corpses of Hairy Corruptions, Nancy."

"Affirmative, host." the system responded and in a blink, two identical dead bodies were presented before Clark.

"Good enough materials for my new skills." Clark approved. These were also the strongest fallen monsters that his summons had killed in their endless slaughters.

A creature at the Tenth Stage of the Mortal Shedding Realm, The Hairy Corruption. At this time, Clark was not too dumb to send his minions to fight with magical beasts above that.

It would be tantamount to suicide and nothing more. Especially when those ferocious monsters were already equivalent to Foundation Establishment Realm in strength and power.

"Create Skeleton!"

"Corpse Resurrection!" Clark used his newly purchased skills for the first time and what happened next has not all disappointed him in the least.

On the left, the cadaver shook immensely as if something rooted deeply within it wanted to break out from its cold husk. It was gory and extremely terrifying to watch!

"I did not realize that summoning magic like this one is pretty horrific in real life." Clark gulped and took three steps back from this abject scene.