Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 44

44 Chapter 44
Three breaths later, an unfurnished skeleton escaped from the caged construct of its body and flesh then respectably bowed down towards Clark.

The corpse at the right side has not done anything spectacular like its dramatic twin, aside from of course standing up completely intact with its natural skin and muscles untouched.

It then gave its customary salute towards its new owner. The two different summons stood there like a pair of revitalized dead. Not truly living and at the same time, not genuinely dead also.

One that dwelled within the borders of life and death. The first true undead of this cultivation world.

"Pretty nice! But a little bit expensive for my mana reserve at the moment." Clark muttered when he noticed that each cast had a mana cost of 100. He inspected his undead friends with a curious eye.

The two remained immovable on the spot like immortal sentinels awaiting the command of their master.

If no such order has come from the one that created them, there would also be no actions to be had in these lot of one minded creatures.

"Hmmm... Terrific!" Clark was thrilled to see that the recently purchased skills was indeed pretty nifty to possess. It was just too sad that he has a limited mana pool to play with.

If not, then he would no doubt build his own army of undead and conquer nations left and right with but a thought's command.

'Maybe i need to pick a second job that regenerates mana like crazy.' Clark rubbed his long white beard as he mused on the future and its bountiful promises.

He spent a few precious breaths delving on the unpredictable tomorrow until he moved on to what he could change today.

"Can i change my summoned skeleton to any form i like, Nancy?"

"Affirmative, host."

"Excellent!" Clark exclaimed in joy. He understood well enough the distinct qualities of Corpse Resurrection.

It was akin to Naruto's Impure World Reincarnation Summoning Jutsu but only much weaker since his summons could retain only 50% of their true strength.

What caught his curiosity though was the other skill, Create Skeleton. It says there that he could fashion a skeleton to his will with only the imagination in his mind to limit him.

'This is gonna be fun!' Clark grinned widely which showed openly how great his expectations were for the said fresh ability.

"Hey there, Mister Skeleton. Since you are a weaponless bony creature, why don't you get yourself an axe?" Clark began his initial set of experiments.

The skeleton summon nodded in understanding and...

"BOINK!" its hands exploded in size to mold a new item from out of its limbs. Five seconds was all it took before Clark had successfully transformed his weaponless skeleton to an entirely new creation.

"Heh, i got myself an Axe Skeleton just like that!"

"Easy peasy!" Clark smirked at how great it was to play god. He would have wanted to tweak the upgraded skeleton some more but the low beeps in his ears stopped him.

+3 mana

+3 mana

+3 mana

Each breath passively regenerated Clark's available mana.

'My mana is almost full again. I better use them all up to better utilize my mana usage.'