Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 45

45 Chapter 45
"Now which one of you twins should i choose?" Clark whispered as he gazed intently at both his present conjurations.

"Show me their power stat and special ability, Nancy." Clark ordered his brilliant system. He determined that each summoned creature always followed such a criteria.

And so he expected to get no less from his recent minions.


* * *

Create Skeleton

Power: 52

Special Ability: can take the form of anything the user wants it to be. (can summon unlimited skeletons, can be upgraded)

Mana Cost: 100

Special Ability Cooldown: Instant

* * *

Corpse Resurrection

Power: 54

Special Ability: mimics the nature, strength and weaknesses of its original self. (at 50% power penalty, can summon unlimited corpses, can be upgraded)

Mana Cost: 100

Special Ability Cooldown: Instant

* * *

These green texts hovered before the eyes of Clark which gave him enough information to make a sound decision.

"HAHAHA! I shall have my own personal army of undead very very soon!" Clark laughed out loud the moment he saw that there were no limits for the number of summons he can have.

This meant that he can level up faster the more minions he has in order to farm experience for himself.

Clark was lost in fantasy for a moment before he escaped the lure of what could be and focus on its process.

"Although Corpse Resurrection provides better firepower for my army of undead but it's difference is only insignificant at best.

While on the other hand, Create Skeleton can give me more tactical options in battle." Clark noted his findings.

"Give me an additional five corpses of Hairy Corruptions, Nancy."

"Affirmative, host."

"BOINK!" Five dead bodies materialized in front of Clark. He did not waste anymore precious seconds and cast the skill he choose four times.

"Create Skeleton."

"Create Skeleton."

"Create Skeleton."

"Create Skeleton." and same as the last, four skeletal beings rose from the disgrace of death to once more battle under a new master in their midst.

Nineteen seconds more and Clark issued a final command.

"Create Skeleton." Now there were six skeletons and 1 resurrected Hairy Corruption in his slowly growing army of undead.

Although he has basically zero mana at the moment but that will regen in full after a measly wait of 3 minutes. A pretty neat trick to have indeed.

"Perfect!" Clark clapped his hands when he saw how meek these powerful summons were before him.

"The six of you bone soldiers transform into a human. Copy my face for testing purposes." Clark ordered to see if his early assumptions were correct.

If he could command the previous skeleton to become an Axe Skeleton then there was a high chance that he could create more imaginative forms for these useful summons.

The six bone soldiers nodded at the same time and slowly willed its body to follow the directive of its master.

Muscles, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and even human organs were borne from all the bleached bones in attendance.

The transformation only took 10 second tops before the true Clark was joined by 6 imitations of himself. They even wore the same tattered robes he had.

"What are you looking at?" Clark asked the 6 Clarks with a big smile on his face.

"Do you all want to dance with me?" he threw a rhetorical question out. And as expected, no one in the audience of undead answered him.

But that has not at all disheartened our bored gamer and so he continued by saying...

"I guess i'd take your silence as a yes then." Clark nodded in understanding.

"So why don't you fake copies of myself dance together with the original."

"In one..."


"Three..." after that, a middle aged man can be seen singing and dancing to the groove. A breath later, he was joined by 6 perfect dancers as the group moon walked on the hot desert sands.