Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 46

46 Chapter 46
"Pheew... That was some time well spent for me." Clark wiped the beads of sweat on his face as he relished on how he had missed dancing more than he could ever claim.

This was one of the boring fruits that his parents had nurtured unto him. Forcefully if he was to be cruelly frank about it. It was their way of installing discipline to him and his siblings.

"I'm beginning to miss your constant nagging, mom."

"Even how you seem to be always so serious, dad." Clark whispered these words openly because there was really no other soul on this dreary desert other than him alone.

Even the undead Hairy Corruption near him did not count for it was neither human nor sympathetic to Clark's plight at the moment.

"Hahhhh..." Clark released a deep breath and began working towards his goal once more.

Since he had danced together with his impromptu set of backup terpsichoreans for more than 3 minutes already then it was about time to summon another group of monsters to add to his collection.

"Take out 5 Harry Corruption corpses for me, Nancy."

"Affirmative, host."

"Create Skeleton."

"Create Skeleton."

"Create Skeleton."

"Create Skeleton."

"Create Skeleton." In no time, Clark has already 11 Skeletons and 1 undead Hairy Corruption in his midst.

'Better not waste anymore time and have my new friends farm exp for me.'

"Go and make me stronger, my dear pets."

"Farm only in monster sites at level 5." Clark started giving out his orders. He looked at a fresh skeleton and pointed at this faithful summon.

"You... stay." the bone creature nodded while his other batch of new spawns left in silence. Clark still needed to complete his research on this very unique test subject on his hands.

And for that, he was willing to go to great lengths in order to know how much he could push his minions.

"Transform into an Elder Dragon." Clark commanded unto the lone skeleton soldier in his front.

"..." The skeletal figure wordlessly agreed and promptly followed the wishes of its liege. It expanded in size to form the bone structure first of what seemed like a hulking bat.

From the white shining bones grew muscles and flesh then horns, claws, wings, and evil slits of dark eyes came next.

Before long, a ferocious Black Dragon that stood 30 feet tall roared to the heavens to make known its arrival. It was a pretty epic scene indeed.

After the last deafening echoes died down, the Elder Dragon then bowed deeply in respectful salute to its master. A just initiative for one so aware of its inception.

"Wow! Now this a pleasant surprise indeed!"

Clark laughed wildly as he could already see himself riding on the dragon's back and lay waste to the ants beneath his legendary mount's wings like a true dragon knight or something.

Alas, it was a celebration way too early for its time.


"Your summon Skeleton has died." the unexpected system notification echoed in Clark's ears.

"What the hell?!"

"Which one of them died and how?!" Clark was furious. He recalled quite clearly that he told them to farm only at level 5 monster spots.

'How could this happen to my skeleton friend?' Clark rubbed his beard as he opened the system interface.

He was in the process of scanning his map when a disturbing scene caught him completely unprepared.