Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 48

48 Chapter 48
"Now this scene is pretty much better than the last." Clark smiled openly as he viewed how the recently transformed Fire Mage has wreaked havoc on the ranks of his enemies.

"BANG!" a large pit was formed after a ball of burning comet the size of a person's head laid waste to anyone luckless enough to still be there at the point of impact.

Alas, only charred corpses and misshapen grotesque forms of the dead could testify to how merciless one of these spells was.

And the merciless Mage of Flame has only just begun his hellish massacre in this dark cruel world of monsters. It was absolutely brutal!



"Whoosh!" the Fire Mage would throw these spherical nightmares out and a path of smoky crimson mist would follow down its trail. Its ending was of course another set of atomic explosions.

"BOOM!'' The ground was upturned to disarray and the forest around the battlefield began to burn wantonly to paint a vivid state of pandemonium on this forsaken land.

"Hmmm... Why is it only throwing fireballs all over the place? Can it do nothing else?" Clark whispered to himself. He wanted to test his suppositions and so he said,

"Summon the essence of the sun and bring more chaos, destruction and death into play!"

Clark's emotions were burning hot, same with how ravenous the flames were devouring anyone and anything on its way. Unfortunately, what he wanted to see did not come into fruition.

"What's the matter?" Clark was confused.

He had expected something flashy like the technique of Captain Yamamoto of Gotei 13 but what answered him instead was more of the same hot fireballs and nothing more albeit at a more rapid pace and ferocity.

'Where is my true art is an explosion moment?' Clark was very much disappointed in what he witnessed.

"I know that you have some good explanations for this, Nancy. Please. I'm all ears." he sighed and awaited how he was going to be educated once more in the next few moments.

"Affirmative, host. Your summons take you as their origin. And because you are still only in the initial stage of mortal cultivation, so the special monsters under you shall also have the same tier of strength.

That Fire Mage you just conjured is a First Tier Summon that has only one active spell available to use.

It shall gain 2 more spells once you step into the Foundation Establishment Realm but they will have their unique class skills locked unless you reach the apex of strength in this world.

At the 10th Stage of True Immortal Realm." Nancy explained.

"Damn! And here I thought that my fire mage will have wings of flames and can conjure some big spells about the size of the sun or more." Clark shook his head.

He sighed repeatedly for sometime before he thought about something extremely absurd.