Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 50

50 Chapter 50
* * *

"I give up. You are really so amazing, Nancy." Clark moaned in defeat. He finally realized now that the system can indeed give lots of incredible classes to its user.

And that was not solely restricted to the norm but also very much inclusive to all other races in existence within a world that was so much more fantastical than where he came from.

This was even true unto inanimate objects.

'Ohhh... Another 3 minutes has passed.' Clark noticed that his mana was almost completely refilled at the moment.

"Same deal, Nancy."

"Affirmative, host."


"Create Skeleton."

"Create Skeleton."

"Create Skeleton."

"Create Skeleton."

"Create Skeleton." Five more skeleton soldiers rose from the constraints of their previous skin.

'I now have 16 skeletons and 1 Hairy Corruption in my arsenal of monsters.'

'I need to make use of this free time well.' Clark remembered that he had already slapped the faces of two forces since his transmigration in this world.

And although the Yan and Zhang Family were mere ants in his eyes today but that did not mean that there were no others lurking behind these two.

He could not tell whether each of these clans had a prodigy currently in training in some hidden sect or a genius somewhere in the world out there adventuring on distant lands for luck and breakthrough.

Thus, there was a need to prepare.

"What's the fastest class available in the list, Nancy?" Clark inquired. At first glance, he may have counted only hundreds in the class options but that was perhaps only in the humanoid category.

If these weird constructs be added, he would not doubt that the entirety may truly be in the thousands or tens of thousands and perhaps even more.

"The Nimble Kun Peng Class, host." Nancy answered.

"Good." Clark nodded repeatedly and shifted his focus on his summons. Particularly at the ensemble of skeletons in here and beyond the vast distances of those in faraway lands.

"Turn into the Nimble Kun Peng. All of you, my brave and brilliant skeleton friends!" Clark ordered and awaited the eventual outcome for the new morphed beings that he wanted in his troops.

The 16 skeletons in Clark's presence and also those in afar, dropped to the ground and wriggled disgustingly to follow their master's bidding.



"TAP!" The seconds tickled by and when the gruesome modification was over and done, what kowtowed before Clark was a thing that was not anymore human at all.

It was a mixture of fish and bird. A truly strange existence in the eyes of our good protagonist. But outer appearance can be deceptive.

Clark decisively chose this form for his skeleton summons precisely because of their speed. And with speed of course comes a faster return of experience unto our wise gamer.

"Ehem..." Clark cleared his throat because what he was about to ask was truly daunting even for him.

"If i had chosen this class from the start, Nancy... would i have looked exactly as they are?"

"Negative, host. You can retain your human form if you like."