Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 52

52 Chapter 52
"No system can ever best you, Nancy!"

"You were made perfect to begin with!"

"Together, you and I, shall set forth and make our legends be hea..." Clark was unstoppable in his gusto!

A minute and some spare breaths passed, the gamer's mirth finally subsided.

"Next, let me check on my Death Magic Talent Tree." Clark decided. He then opened the interface to his skills once more. He reread the first skill he'd known of this mastery.

Bone Plate creates a full body armor upon activation which affords meager defense to its caster.

"How much points in power can this skill add to my own, Nancy?"

"Bone Plate gives 20 percent bonus to your power stat, host."

"I see. So that would make my power rise to more or less, 121 points also. Barely passable." Clark murmured.

He did not dwell upon it for long though because his attention continued to scour on the next level skills that were now unlocked for his taking.

* * *

Life Siphon steals the life of another creature to heal any wound or minor afflictions on the user's body. (negative buffs can be transferred, can be upgraded)

Life After Death grants 5 second invulnerability when the user takes a fatal attack. (passive, gives 1 hp after the skill ends, can be upgraded)

* * *

"Another safety insurance is never a bad thing to have. And it's my first passive skill also. Very very useful." Clark said and waited no further.

"Unlock Bone Plate, Life Siphon and Life After Death Skills, Nancy."

"Affirmative, host."

"You now have only 3 skill points left, host. Please choose wisely on how to spend them next." Nancy advised like the caring system spirit she embodied.

"Thank you, Nancy."

"Now onto the last, The Cursed Words Talent Tree." Clark muttered and began his inspection once more. There were three skills available on the talent tree.

Curse: Itch make the target experience an unbearable itch.

Since he had already seen this one before, Clark moved on swiftly to the other two.

* * *

Curse: Enfeeble weaken a target's overall power. (starts at 10% strength corruption, can be upgraded)

Curse: Isolation encase a target in a shroud of unbreakable illusion. (limits the five basic senses, can be upgraded)

* * *

"It would have been better if I could skip upgrading Curse: Itch entirely but it seems like I really have to spend at least 1 point to it before I can unlock the rest of the better ones above."

Clark said while trying to click at the curses Enfeeble and Isolation. Unfortunately, his efforts were proven in vain time and time again.

'Guess there's no helping it. I just have to accept it as fact.' Clark took a deep breath and clicked three times at the transparent screen directly in front of him.

+1 for Curse: Itch

+1 for Curse: Enfeeble

+1 for Curse: Isolation

"You have no more skill points left, host." Nancy stated the obvious.


"Time to go take a bath and freshen up."

"I still have an engagement party to finish."