Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 53

53 Chapter 53
In a grand hall somewhere in the City of Nexus, silence draped unbroken to await the decision of one person. The lesser occupants was of course not stupid enough to mistake this stillness for acceptance.

They were only too aware of how this person loved and doted upon someone so undeserving for his care. But since it was family, irrational emotions like this one was totally a common scene for most.

"Stay here. I'm going to have a talk with the Patriarch." the man on everyone's sight finally said after a few minutes of contemplation.

This man was garbed in golden robes that had the distinct Yan Family insignia on its sleeves.

He looked old and weak like a man who has already one foot on the grave and the other one still stubbornly holding on to mortality on these earths.

But even if his appearance may have been too unseemly for wear, no man, woman or beast could mistake this old man as incapable and powerless. For this was exactly Yan Kun, Yan Kang's father.

An esteemed Elder of Yan and one of the 5 Mortal Shedding 4th Stage Experts of the Family.

"Why waste anymore time, Elder Yan Kun?!"

"We should just go to the Lu Clan and force them to give that hateful Lu Chen for us to punish!"

"Yes indeed! A no name brat that has just acquired this kind of power from out of nowhere must have some great secrets hidden on his body!"

"We should gain much from prying that bastard's mouth open, Elder Yan Kun!" a group of old men suggested in the privy of these august halls.

Although they numbered no more than 18 but it was impressive to see that everyone of them were all at the 3rd Stage of Mortal Shedding Realm.

"Are the lot of you fools?! The Lu Family would not lightly give up Lu Chen!"

"I can only request support from the Patriarch right now. If that also brings me no success then I can only be heartless in my choices."

Yan Kun said these words and swiftly visited another part of the Clan's Domains. In no time, he arrived at a dilapidated house.

There were no tall buildings around and not even a lone ancient courtyard to be seen but only this simple home at the center of the Yan Family formation array.

In a single glance, it can be seen that this humble residence was only made out of bamboo and its meager byproducts.

And for at least a kilometer to all directions, there was nothing else but the natural ways of the world around its vicinity.

Wild grass, scattered rocks, and the beauty in chaos manifested in lieu of the eccentricity of the Yan Patriarch.

"Forgive my impudence, Patriarch. Yan Kun wishes to discuss something with you."

Yan Kun greeted softly as he cupped his fist and bowed deeply towards the dwelling of the strongest man of the Yan Family.

"Come in." a tired voice invited from inside the modest bamboo hut.