Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 54

54 Chapter 54
"Thank you, Patriarch!" Yan Kun took a deep breath before proceeding. Inside, he saw the bedridden form of Yan Rong. The current Yan Family Leader.

"Sit." Yan Rong offered without getting up nor did he open his eyes. He just laid there in comfort like a man past beyond his time.

"Yes, Patriarch!" Although there was a chair nearby but Yan Kun opted to sit where he was and took a lotus position stance thereafter.

"I know why you have come, Yan Kun. But i can offer no help in your plight." Thus, the unexpected meeting ended before it had even truly begun.

"But Patriarch! We can't let the Lu Family step over our heads just like that! We will be the laughingstock of all the people in Nexus City.

We have lost our face already! So we must avenge our fallen kin!"

Yan Kun's emotions exploded in the scene. The anger that he held barely on its reign was finally let out at this moment. Alas, Yan Rong remained unmoved through it all.

"It's no use, Yan Kun. If i act against whoever murdered your son, do you think that the rest of the 13 Clans would just take that lightly?

There is a reason why all of you at 4th Stage remains untouched no matter how much r*pe and plunder you do on the mortal citizens of this city.

It is because you and your counterparts will be the next hope to take on the leadership of the 13 Families once we, old souls, perish in time." Yang Rong replied gravely.

He knew that Yan Kun understood well enough what he wanted to say. The reason why they chose to stay within the confines of Nexus was not of their own making.

The Demonic Sword Sect has a mandate that whosoever enters the sect for 1 year already and still has not broken through towards the 6th Stage of Mortal Shedding will have to be removed from the premises of the sect without fail.

In simpler terms, the old men and women in this city were basically outcasts and talentless fools in the ways of the Dao.

Since they had no natural aptitude to rise in the cultivation ranks then the Demonic Sword Sect would also not spare any more resources towards them.

Investing in wastes doesn't create glittering treasures after all. At least not inside an evil sect like the Demonic Sword Sect. Such was the cruel reality of this cultivation world.

"I understand, Patriarch." Yan Kun sighed in lament. He bowed his head in hate because, same as Yan Rong, this conversation made him recall his time inside that merciless sect.

The competition was extremely steep and very much unforgiving!

Two old men were caged on each other's thoughts and kept the silence for some minutes. In the end, it was still Yan Kun who opened another avenue for discussion.

"What about Emissary Duan Ru, Patriarch? Is he a man that's likely to be swayed with beautiful women?" Yan Kun asked.