Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 55

55 Chapter 55
Duan Ru was the Demonic Sword Sect's representative in Nexus City and perhaps the most powerful man even above the 13 Families combined. A true 6th Stage of Mortal Shedding Realm!

"I don't advise you to disturb the Emissary, Yan Kun. You'll only have your head decapitated in reward for your efforts to see him.

Master Duan Ru particularly doesn't want to be distracted in his closed door cultivation." Patriarch Yan Rong answered frankly.

"I see. Thank you for your time, Patriarch." Yan Kun prostrated sincerely in place and left right after.

'Seems like I really have no other choice but do that...' Yan Kun still hasn't given up yet.

"Hmmm..." Yan Rong moaned contentedly and continued to sleep the last five years of his life in peace.

* * *

In a secluded alley near the city slums, Yan Kun found himself an ally of sorts. Perhaps the last card he has left on his pockets.

"I want to hire a 5th Stage Expert to kill Lu Chen. Preferably in secret and would not alarm any of the 13." Yan Kun said in a much deeper voice than he was used to.

He had a hood and a mask on as his purpose was solely for anonymity and nothing else.

"That will cost you 100 virgin maidens. Not one body less." a man replied. This person was also heavily camouflaged in black robes with no clan insignia whatsoever.

"Deal." Yan Kun agreed.

"Lu Chen will die tonight. The women must be ready by tomorrow." the nameless man instructed and swiftly left the shady meeting place behind.

"They will." Yan Kun muttered at no one and he was not the least bit concerned about the outcome of this mission.

'Nobody ever escapes the League of Shadow Assassins.'

* * *

"Ahhhh... That feels so great!"

"It's really good to be so loved and appreciated by the clan!"

"I even have my own hot spring just a few steps away from my room."

"Now this is convenience at its finest indeed!" Clark commented in satisfaction as he dried himself for some precious seconds.

He spent swimming in the relaxing small pool for a good 30 minutes or so before he finished the bath to attend to more important business.

"Must be good to have my fiancee bathe together with me. Hmmm... Maybe next time." Clark grinned and got himself a new cultivator's robe.

This time he chose a red one which was the color for passion and love. Very apt for the occasion indeed!

"How many skeletons do I have in my army, Nancy?" Clark asked while dressing.

"You now have 66 skeletons, host." Nancy replied.

"Oh, really? How much time do I need to wait to arrive at Foundation Establishment Realm?" Clark queried once more.

"You will be level 11 in approximately 2 minutes, host." Nancy answered.

"Wow! That was fast! And I only got a quick swim to show for my efforts in attaining this level!" Clark laughed his heart out and threw a couple of punches in the air.

'If the old hopeless cultivators in the city would know how easy it was for me to reach this current height, there's no doubt in my mind that everyone would cry unfair and collapse in comatose shock afterwards.'

Clark's smile was limitless at the moment. Some indeterminate breaths later, the system's notification finally resounded on Clark's ears.

"Congratulations, host. You have gained a new level. Please visit the system menu for further details." Nancy announced with her usual lovely voice.