Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 56

56 Chapter 56


"BOINK!" a whirring sound totally covered Clark's form at the moment. There was an otherworldly aura around his body as a swaying mixture of hues tried to fight amongst one another for dominance.

More than that, it was as if he had been innately gifted with the capacity to ignore the very pull of gravity itself. Clark felt as light as a feather.

"Something's dragging me upwards. Is this..." And so to test his theory out, Clark tried jumping.

"WOAAAAA! I can fly now! HAHAHA!" Clark's body levitated easily above ground.

He laughed in joy for his first experience at true flight but his glee was cut short when his long grey hair rose and his white beard followed suit that completely covered his face in an eerie comic show for horror and all things weird.

"ACHOO!" Clark could not help but sneezed a couple of times as his beard tickled his nose to no end.

"Wait, wait, wait!"

"How do i control this kind of power, Nancy?" Clark asked while he held down his long beard with one hand. It was of course a given that he was forced to land to face this current predicament.

If he should open his palms once more, there was no doubt that the same result earlier would have happened once again. Clark would have an instant mask made out of his own facial hair.

It was pretty unnatural.

"You need only to control the scattered spiritual energy around your body, host. Treat it as not mere accumulation of different colors but also an extension of your will.

These receptors would serve as useful aids for faster cultivation and they are also one of the main tools for battle as a fully fledged Foundation Establishment Master." Nancy replied.

"Extension of my will, huh?" Clark muttered and imagined the gushing flood of colors as one of his hands. He particularly used this trick initially at the rampaging wily beard on his chin.


"Try again!"









Clark persevered and with tenacity comes victory.

Alas, he only wasted 5 minutes of his life to learn this kind of magical persuasion and finally settle his unruly beard down without the use of holding them tightly like before.

Clark immediately went in front of a full sized mirror to check how great these changes had brought upon his form.


"I look like Goku in my new hairstyle! Well, maybe a lot more like the adult Gon with how long my hair is right now and all of it standing straight up to the heavens."

Clark grinned widely and tried to tweak how the energy from outside his body would design his current hairstyle.

"Maybe I should try separating my hair strands ever slightly."

"Need more separation."


"FUCK! My hair looks like chaotic healthy grasses on the fields!" Clark shook his head and in the end, he chose something standard and a lot more bearable than any other selections he could pick.

He let his white hair hang freely over his shoulders and unto his back. It gave off an untamed persona of a real man with how blatantly careless he was in this appearance.