Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 57

57 Chapter 57
"Now... this is the image of a wild and free man!" Clark applauded himself. In fact, there was really no significant change on his hairdo between now and from when he was still in the Mortal Shedding Realm.

Perhaps the only difference was the constantly changing shades that shrouded the entirety of his body at the moment.

"Now about this aura feature. What are these things exactly, Nancy?"

"The different colors around you represent the myriad elements in nature, host."

"Earth is brown. Water is blue. Green is for Air. Red is equal to Fire. Yellow for Lightning. Grey for Ice. And many more other hybrids and mixtures of various elements.

Although you could call on them easily but purifying their essences and shaping it to your own use is an entirely different matter altogether since you could only ever cultivate an element that is inherent within your physique." Nancy answered.

"And what element or elements do i have, Nancy?" Clark was thrilled to know.

"I'm sorry, host. You only have the most common spiritual vein, The Mortal Vein. If not for the system's assistance, no mortal vein could have successfully cultivated into the 1st Stage of Mortal Shedding Realm.

You are indeed very lucky, host. If you still want to have an upgraded spiritual vein, worry not because a small obstacle like this one is easy for the system to cure.

We have on the system a lot of unique spiritual veins for sale. Please do visit our system shop for further details on this one, host." Nancy advised.

'While those gifted sons and daughters of heaven get to manipulate the elements and devour them at will but I can only eat their fart as consequence for being so ineptly gifted in cultivation.' Clark sighed.

"I'll look at them later, Nancy. Thank you." Clark replied. He already had a clear idea on what he would find once he searched for those said items.

It was the same things he was privy enough to see during his early inquiries from before. At this moment though, he tackled on the next of his mundane problems.

'Hmmm... What color should i choose for my unique aura getup?'

'It must be one of a kind!'

'And cool to the eyes!'

'Must be catchy and interesting to look at!' Clark began to test his tastes. First, he tried purple. It was the color of royalty and extreme want for creativity.

"Nah... Reminds of that rotten boy on his flying evil sword." Next he tried blue.

"Too common!"

"PASS!" Then he wore pink.

"Too feminine."

"SIGH!" And then silver.

"I look like a fucking ghost in the mirror!" Even Clark was scared at his reflection. White hair, white beard, and white climate around him definitely did not give a soothing picture for the eyes at all.

"DAMN!" Next was a gold aura over his body.

"Ohhh... And now i'm like the next fake Goku or something. Or perhaps the dirty old man next door with my current wardrobe." Clark laughed heartily for a couple of minutes.

He tried all tinges of colors he could imagine until he finally decided on a single one in the end.

"Since i never planned to be a good man in this xianxia world, then let all these brainless NPCs tremble before my presence!"

Clark announced like an Infamous Edge Lord of Old. He certainly had a flair for drama in his veins.

"Body Switch!" He said and vanished from the room with only wisps of darkness left behind him.