Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 58

58 Chapter 58
Clark found himself on another secluded backstreet, away from the cheerful hubbub of the population. It was already 5 am in this part of the world since he had left for almost 3 hours prior.

Still, the people in the city were very much alive to celebrate together with the Noble Families by means of singing and dancing in the streets.

"Now that i have a flying sword in hand, it would be too useless to keep it hidden in my pockets. I need to flex this new ride!" Clark smirked and brightened up the engagement party with a flash of emerald green in tow.

"Who is that man?!"

"I don't know. I've never seen him before."

"LOOK! He's going into the Royal Palace!"

"How cool would it be to ride on a flying sword like that?"

"SIGH!" Most of the citizens of Haran City could only wish to own such an expensive item.

It was a sad truth that in the millions of cultivators that occupied within this flourishing metropolis, only a select few thousands could ever realistically buy a flying sword in their lifetimes.

"Welcome back, Master Clark!" one of the guards in the palatial construct greeted the newly arrived returner back again to his very own engagement feast.

The guard's eyes were captured by the flying sword's verdant allure before the precious object disappeared in the next blink of his eye.

"Are they still inside?" Clark asked, ignoring the look of envy from every palace sentry around him.

Alas, he did not wait for an answer before he began walking through a series of doorways inside the huge Ancestral Domains. The poor guard was of course obligated to follow.

He huffed and puffed to catch up with Princess Ning Xi's fiancee. Clark noticed the burden of the faithful guard so he slowed down to let the good guy gain a few precious steps on him.

Although this guard was not a mortal anymore but how could a second stage of Mortal Shedding Realm match the quick strides of a True Foundation Establishment Expert?

It was a comparison of two different life forms already!

Two shadows materialized to keep at least a modicum of propriety as they resumed their short talk in hushed voices and finally, in static motion.

"My Majesties and her Royal Highness had also retired after you left, Master Clark.

But if they knew that you have now returned, I believe that they would most probably be delighted to join you inside the halls of celebration. Shall I let them know of your arrival, Master?"

The able guard knew how to run his mouth well and he was very much articulate in his speech. The Royal Palace was indeed a mountain of both hidden gems and people alike.

"I guess it's fine if you don't. Some people will do that for you soon enough. Thank you, Mister Guard. I can find my way from here on out." Clark smiled and left just as spectacularly as he came.