Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 59

59 Chapter 59
It did not take long for him to enter the main halls once again. At first glance, it could be seen that there was almost no change in the number of attendees on the immaculate floors.

But if one looked closely enough, they would immediately notice that almost all of the honored guests were already missing from their designated tables.

What remained now was only their servant proxies to fill in the blanks within these banquet chambers. However, the dreary mood has not at all affected the brilliant protagonist for this event.

"Hmmm... Even if I lack some good company right now but at least I can still witness a close second fiddle as their replacements."

Clark muttered as he sauntered forth in lazy steps towards the focal table that had long been vacated by its occupants. He did not wait for any invitation as he drank and ate to his fill once more.

The almost fainting tunes was rekindled to life in his presence and then came the graceful dancers next to decorate the scene in at least a believable facade of merriment.

"Do you want me to pour you a drink, Master Clark?" a sweet voice called for our bored gamer's attention and yet he only rewarded the beauty with a curt nod and nothing more.

He was slowly getting used to having pretty women around him and if it was not of Tang Xinyue and Princess Ning Xi's caliber then Clark could only ignore them in line.

He scoured the nubile bodies of women and rated each one to his taste.









From a scale of 1 to 10, there was not even one girl who reached a score of 8 in his rapidly desensitized eyes.

He kept at it until he registered, tagged, and graded more than four dozen women in the halls.


'It looks like there are just some women who can find little to no equal in terms of beauty and class.' Clark accepted this hard truth for what it was and took another long drag at his glass of wine.

After that, he decided to make use of his time well. Since there was heavenly music, sexy beauties, and a grand feast of both tasty food and bottomless drinks, what more could Clark ask for?

This perfect setup could even bring the dead back to life in pure envy and hate to the ones that still have breath left in them to waste.

Alas, Clark was only too aware of how precious his time and opportunities really was. It was not given to be squandered.

And so without ado, our tireless protagonist continued to work his ass off while sitting in absolute ease on his comfy chair.

'Show me my status, Nancy.' Clark commanded as he stuffed his mouth full with the delicious meat of magical beasts that he never even got a name for.

Not that he was particularly excited to know about this little detail at the moment.

"BOINK!" An invisible viridescent text appeared before his eyes. But before he was able to scan the meaning behind the clear lines, a familiar voice interrupted his plans in a heap of tangled mess.

"May i have this dance, Master Clark?"