Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 60

60 Chapter 60
Clark looked to the side and at the pretty woman who magically appeared from nowhere. If truth be told, he was not the least bit disappointed at the unexpected invitation at all.

"Are you sure you know what you're getting into, my fair lady?"

"Let me tell you up front that I am a ruthless killer on the dance floor."

"I could even burn the stage with but a simple groove of mine." Clark smiled and without waiting for a reply, he took the offered hands of the beautiful maiden then waltzed into the spotlight without fail.

"Is that so? Then let me see if your feet are as sharp as your mouth seems to be, Master Clark." The female finally uttered her piece once they arrived at the center of the dance floor.

The paid entertainers who jumped and twirled in passionless motion were mindful enough to let the pair unto their midst.

A moment later, they continued performing on the sides which only highlighted the real protagonists on the scene.

"I breathe to surprise, my Lady." Clarks eyes twinkled in mischief and began the murder in the halls in full.

He led the dance slowly at first and effortlessly copied the traditional motions he'd seen earlier from both guests and their cohorts.

The dance steps were graceful and fairly like, accentuating much of the feminine allure while the male counterpart was only there to emphasize the woman's fatal charm even further.

But that has not at all defeated the purpose of the play since it portrayed perfectly the yin and yang concept of the world.

One was strong and stable as an immovable mountain while the other as fluid as the waters in the seas.

Two souls were entwined in the music while their every motion spoke volumes of how learned they were in the noble profession of this carefree art.

"I must admit that you are indeed an accomplished dancer, Master Clark."

The Lady flattered but her eyes were quick on their ways to look on the sides as if searching for something or someone else other than her current partner.

Clark ignored these minor details. He was not a fool to not notice the simple plan behind this woman's mind. Still, he let it be and enjoyed the moment for what it was.

He was after all in the company of a lovely girl and they were doing only some harmless dancing in front of everybody. No foul at all in participating in something so innocent.

But this did not mean that there was no price to be paid for this fair lady's schemes.

'All in due time.' Clark promised.

"You're not too bad yourself, my Lady." Clark replied without breaking stride.

Of course there was a pleased smile on his face at the moment but it even grew wider after he noticed that a pair of gorgeous females strode into the great halls to complete the party in full.

And was when all hell broke loose!