Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 61

61 Chapter 61
"WHOOSH!" Clark felt a suffocating constriction as a fragrant woman's body hugged him tightly up front. She laid her head on Clark's shoulders and oh my, she smelled so divine.

But more than that, Clark's chest felt so full because of two soft treasures that were now squashed mercilessly on his own body. It was not a bad feeling at all!

After the fleeting passionate display of affection, the woman moved and started a naughty play for her audience. The graceful dance steps from earlier became romantic and delightfully seductive.

The lone zither player was also extremely skilled in her task.

From a cheerful tone, she easily changed it into a more appropriate rhapsody that spoke aptly about a tale between two beloved who were separated for a thousand years or more.

'FUCK ME!' Clark moaned as he felt himself harden up with the sexy woman's blatant show of ardor.

He was lost in the moment that he did not even realize that the sticky plot was already over and done with which in turn left him high and dry and still wanting for more.

'More please...' Clark demanded in silence.

"Well, that was fun. Thank you for this unforgettable dance, Master Clark. I would surely recall this dance with only the fondest of memories in my mind." the daring woman whispered in Clark's ears.

She stepped back, looked at a particular spot in the halls, and smiled sweetly at the object of her attention.

The satisfied lady was about to bade her farewells at Clark but quickly noticed that she simply could not.

"Please let go of my hand, Master Clark." said the good lady.

She tried pulling her hand out but being at 5th Stage of Mortal Shedding would not help against a cultivator who has already achieved the Foundation Establishment Realm.

It was a futile but a cute effort nonetheless.

"I agree that it was indeed fun, Lady Xu Min. But... don't you think that it is too early to end this fun just yet?"

Clark spoke in an amused voice and from then onward, it was finally time to turn the tables on his good dancing partner.

"What do y..." Xu Min was about to respond with an indignant protest as she felt all her alarm bells ringing loudly in her mind. Alas, what she was about to say would never land on any ear thereafter.

"BOINK!" a voluptuous body was carelessly thrown on the air. Although the launch had been violent but an accomplished practitioner like Xu Min handled her unforeseen predicament with poise.

Three ascending back flips later, her hot figure could be seen bracing the eventual impact on the hard surface of the chambers.

Although she won't die from her rough descent but it would most probably leave a haunting memory on her mind and that of her shocked audience also.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" Xu Min screamed loudly as she flapped her arms like a panicking bird that was about to do a crash landing test in front of so many people.