Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 62

62 Chapter 62
"SAVE LADY XU MIN! QUICK!" Some brave slaves were pretty much willing to sacrifice their body to cushion up the fall of the noblewoman but alas, an unforgiving hand forced them down on their asses.

In the end, these chivalrous servants could only close their eyes in defeat as the perfect goddess in their hearts was about to be thrashed completely for the first time in her life.

"BANG!" Rubble flew unrestrained in all directions.

But since almost everyone inside the main hall were true blooded cultivators, the damage was controlled before it could ever spread the ricochet of destruction on the surrounding area.

"Is Lady Xu Min okay?"

"I don't know."

"Why don't you check the Lady's fate yourself."

"Shut up, fucker!" Whispers like these rang softly on the scene.

Unfortunately, no one else bothered to come and rescue the damsel in distress simply because the intimidating force from earlier still hasn't left their immediate vicinity at all.

Some precious breaths passed until the chaotic spot in the middle finally cleared the doubts of everyone concerned.

"Thank the Heavens! Lady Xu Min is safe!" A man's voice stated the obvious when he saw that Xu Min laid in the safety comforts of Master Clark's strong arms.

Silence reigned for a moment or two before our good protagonist ordered a change in the background.

"Music please. And this time, do the fastest beat you could muster." Clark winked at the lovely lady who held an ancient zither on her hands.

"..." How could the smart musician respond other than a positive nod and nothing else.

"TING!" The initial string was caressed into life and what followed next would become a talk of legend within this prosperous city of Haran.

* * *

"How long has this been going already?" a tough looking man asked with great displeasure. He could barely contain his anger.

If not for the apologetic smile that King Ning Bao had thrown his way when he arrived, there was no doubt that he would have long jumped into the fire to stop the vulgar show that was happening right before his very eyes.

This man did not care whether he might be burned in the process or even lose his life at that. This was for his beloved daughter. He would rather die than let this cruel jest befall upon his family.

It was nothing short of disgrace!

"They are already at it for more than two hours already. Please don't make any rash decisions, dear.

You could see for yourself that Master Clark is merely enjoying his time in the company of our daughter. Maybe he's just too passionate about the art of dancing."

A beautiful woman answered the query of her husband but could not help but blush in shame at the last part of her words. It sounded so fake even to her ears.

"YOU CALL THAT DANCING?!" the man roared that broke the spellbound audience in their concentrated daze.

They were waylaid for more or less 3 breaths before they continued on watching an epic masterpiece woven plainly in real time.