Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 63

63 Chapter 63
This had only fueled the hate inside this tough looking man's heart. It got to the point that he could not anymore bear to see his prized daughter get blatantly disrespected in this way.

He took a step forward and screamed in a deafening war cry.

"STOP! YOU PERVERTED SCOUNDREL!" The bulky man charged fearlessly unto the couple that did outrageous acts of misconduct on the center stage.

His figure blurred to mere shadows and it was so fast that the naked eye could only register an inky silhouette that dashed unto the distance.

Alas, it did not take long for him to realize his glaring mistake in doing so.

"BANG!" His world turned upside down for a couple of times and before he knew it, he was repelled easily to where he came from. The big man landed butt first unto the cold floors.

He was lucky to only have a dizzy spell befall on him and was not directly decimated into minced meat by the benevolent hands that slapped him in line.

"FATHER!" Xu Min feared for the worst.

Even as she and Clark twirled around endlessly on the dance floors, she still attempted to gather some balance amidst a world that was now totally in constant motion.

"Don't worry, my dear Lady. You're father is alright. I just made him sit back and relax so that he could entirely enjoy the show in peace."

Clark smiled to placate the turbid emotions that ran on his dance partner's soul at the moment.

"Hahhh..." Xu Min sighed deeply when their movements slowed for a bit and she got her first real respite since they began.

She saw the worried eyes of her parents and it calmed her down to know that her father was indeed okay from the ordeal.

"Told you so." It was Clark's turn to whisper in Xu Min's ears.

"Hmmmp!" Since the lovely Lady was still highly indisposed against our bored gamer, the latter could only resume their halted swing.

"Let's dance some more." Clark said and he was relentless indeed in guiding the attractive woman to perform different dances together with him.

They had already done the traditional ones which included some waltz, tango, foxtrot, quickstep, samba, rumba, jive and many others.

After he discovered that he could control the spiritual essence of the world to apply an unseen force on the would-be martyr slaves that he had repulsed earlier, it only took him about an hour and a half to absolutely master this kind of trick. It was very much akin to telekinesis.

This was also the reason why he could comfortably control Lady Xu Min's actions at this moment.

From an outsider's eyes, a person might conclude that the two of them were magnificently dancing in conjoined steps but the truth could not have been more different from that.

'It would have been much better if Xu Min is smiling happily while we are dancing.'

'But i guess i'm just not too sadistic enough to force a smile on her face when she is instead extremely unwilling to do this deed with me in the first place.'

'SIGH! It's good to know that i still haven't succumbed to the dark side just yet.'

'Perhaps Lu Chen's great bias towards women in general is also one of the influences that keeps me from absolutely bringing a heavy hand towards a flower as pretty as Xu Min.'

Clark shook his head and focused on the fast beat of the zither. He and Xu Min danced some more and when the finale arrived, both could be seen to be locked in a tight embrace.

One leg of Xu Min was caught securely on Clark's grasp. It was poised upwards and her knee even reached the side of our good gamer's torso.

Their foreheads kissed and both could smell each other's breaths with how closely they were linked right now. There was no question that this was truly a very intimate position to be in.

Clark could have ended it right there but sadly, he still wanted to test the waters for a few unexplored rides on its exhilarating waves.

"Are you ready for some breakdancing next, Lady Xu Min?"