Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 65

65 Chapter 65
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'Love ain't so bad, i think.' Clark nodded contentedly and drank his fill of spirits.

He put the empty glass down and expected for Princess Ning Xi to do a refill but found that his fiancee has now returned to give him the usual cold shoulder once again.

'DAMN! I should have known to keep my mouth shut to not scare Ning Xi away.'


'I'm back to stage 1 again. My cursed loud mouth!' Clark chastised himself and was about to grab a jug of liquor on the table. Alas, he only got halfway before another helping hand raced him for the prize.

"Another glass of wine, Clark?" Wan Fei asked playfully on the side. She got over her initial shock and so had no more excuses not to resume her open seduction towards the able man at her side.

"Yes, please." Clark replied and got his reward thereafter. The cup in his hands was filled to the brim but none of it spilled with Wan Fei's expert handling.

"Thank you, Wan Fei." Clark said and chugged the wine up in one toss. Not a single drop was spared.

When he put the glass down, the good hostess followed by sending another spring of liquor down unto the empty container. Clark took this chance to observe the sexy lady at his side.

'FUCK! She's so beautiful!' Clark was stunned after merely a breath of silent scrutiny. Wan Fei's hot body could not have been more obvious at the moment.

She had already changed into something a lot more revealing and the dark thin dress on her barely covered anything, if at all.

At least in Clark's eyes, he could very well make out the hard tips on the mature woman's bosom and could not help but gulp every time his eyes would wander to that forbidden territory time and time again.

He was curious to see if she wore any undergarment down below and so with a quick glance, scoured the lower part of the dress that stretched remarkably well against the lovely masterpiece that it was tasked to veil.

'Pheew. It's good to know that she has something on beneath.' Clark was comforted with this discovery.

He could make out Wan Fei's panty lines but unsurprisingly enough, that has only made him more aroused than ever.

'Relax, boy.' Clark encouraged himself as he tried to focus his attention on drowning himself with food and drinks.

It was also good that the pretty maids and lackeys resumed what they were here for. To dance and create an atmosphere of celebration to the event.

A few minutes of this and a party came to add more suspense to the already lively occasion.

"Greetings on this happy event, my King!" The man bowed slightly and afterwards, his eyes could be seen gushing flames of hate towards Clark on the side.

The man's partner was of course a lot more wiser and discreet than her husband.

"Congratulations on your betrothal Xi'er! May there be only happy days ahead for you and spouse to be." the woman started.

She looked at Clark next and delivered a hand of friendship towards this enigmatic man.

"I apologize for my daughter's actions earlier, Master Clark. My child is sometimes immature in her ways but I shall most definitely teach her well for what she has done today.

Please accept this gift as just recompense for Min'er's indiscretion." the woman smiled and presented her gift. And it did not take long for the audience to determine this expensive tribute.


ou are reading this outside or its app, it was most likely stolen! Please read my work in to give your support to the original author. See you all there! Cheers! ^_^ The_Procrastinator.