Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 66

66 Chapter 66
"Thank you, Madame Xu. You don't have to worry about anything because I've already forgotten about the incident earlier.

I know that Lady Xu Min will have some more growing up to do and I'm comforted that you will be there to correct her mistakes along the way."

Clark nodded like a sage character that he was not but since there was no witness to prove him otherwise, his antics passed as truth within these royal halls.

He received the jug of wine and cheerfully tasted its delights thereafter.

"Master Clark, you shouldn't d..." Missus Xu wanted to say something but was immediately halted by an open handed warding palm by our good gamer.

The lovely Lady could of course only gaze at Master Clark in helpless impotence. Clark did not stop until he was halfway through the contents of the said gift.

It was after all nice to show his appreciation this way. When he was finished, he could see that there was a wave of gulps and lip licking that flowed on his audience.

Even Ning Bao looked at him as if he was the stupidest person in the world. It was so obvious that it got to the point where Clark could no longer take the en masse of judging gazes thrown his way.

"What's wrong?" he asked, openly bothered by the reaction of almost everyone on the scene. Although the wine was passable enough, Clark had tasted better drinks during this engagement feast.

"HAHAHA! That's not meant to be consumed like that at all. You have wasted a healing panacea, Master Clark. A Beggar's Tear ended up squandered inside a man's belly."

Mister Xu laughed provocatively at the misfortune of others.

Clark could have murdered the daring man for laughing at his expense but he was of course not that cruel to punish death for a mere laughter or two. So he tried to get to the root of the matter instead.

'What is the use of the liquid I just drank, Nancy?' Clark asked the system.

'That concoction named Beggar's Tear is primarily applied as a life saving tool for most physical injuries, host.

May it be direct amputations of limbs or shattered body parts, as long as you rub the liquid on the infected area, it will instantly close the wound to prevent further blood loss and at least give its user a great chance of survival.

It can be bought with a starting price of 500 spirit stones and only during the annual auctions held by the Liquid Poison Sect.' Nancy replied.

'I see now. So that's why everyone in here is looking at me like i'm crazy, stupid or both.' Clark could only smile at his predicament.

At this point, he could spend some of his hard earned spirit stones in exchange for a healing potion then ask for a volunteer to dismember in front of the public eye and miraculously heal him after the fact using the said healing potion.

But that would be too convoluted even for him and would only waste his resources.