Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 67

67 Chapter 67
'Better to handle this like a man. Full charge ahead!' Clark decided and grabbed the half empty jug of Beggar's Tear once more.

"I know that this thing can cure any external wound, Master Xu but i guess it's time to let you in on a little secret. This Beggar's Tear can also truly heal any internal injuries.

And it's just too coincidental that I happen to suffer from a mild inner injury from the dance that I had last with your daughter."

Clark uttered in all seriousness and cared not if this was true or not. At least he was good in faking and that was more than enough for this occasion.

He looked at the bewildered men and women around him and went on to say...

"I warmly invite everyone here once again to my upcoming wedding with your ever charming Princess Ning Xi.

Cheers to us all!" Clark said his piece and finished the remaining contents of the healing agent.


"Cheers! Master Clark!"

The audience obliged and drank a cup to show respect to someone so powerful they could only smile and nod their heads up and down even if they didn't feel like that at all.

In this case, since they were offered a toast, not one dared to deny this simple request.

"Thank you for this timely boon, Madame Xu. You have been very helpful for me today." Clark looked at the smart lady with only admiration in his eyes.

Some may love to use cunning to define the woman before him but not Clark.

It was always a pleasant experience to be able to meet someone so cautious and not those usual suicidal young master freaks like Zhang Mu and Yan Kang. It was refreshing indeed!

"The honor is mine, Master Clark." Madame Xu replied humbly before advancing her cause on why she came.

"Allow me this opportunity to introduce my husband. This is Xu Huan, Master Clark. A lowly general in the employ of His Majesty."

"I am Zi Lin. But you can continue to call me Madame Xu if that suits your preference." Zi Lin bowed her head in humility.

"Hmmm... I think Zi Lin sounds better to my ears. Well met, Madame Zi." Clark understood and chose to forego the use the surname of the man who has yet to look at him kindly for once.

"Why don't we take this chance to..." Thus, Clark spent another hour entertaining the inquisitive and clever noblewoman.

* * *

"Can you tell what realm Master Clark has arrived at, General Xu."

Ning Bao whispered in the privacy of his throne room. Their special guest had just left for no more than 5 minutes and yet this king was still here, restless and in constant worry for the future.

"I can't fathom that wretched man's depths, Your Majesty." General Xu did not hide his feelings at all. He paused for a bit and continued by saying...

"But there is one thing I'm sure of. He is at least at the first stage of Foundation Establishment Realm." The good general shared his thoughts on the matter.

"What if i tell you that i could still sense his level earlier tonight?" Ning Bao muttered softly.

"Are you sure, Your Majesty?!" General Xu exclaimed in disbelief.

"Yes. That much I can be certain." Ning Bao affirmed once more and both men lapsed in uneasy silence for a long long time.