Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 7

7 Chapter 7
"Hmmm... Much more useful than what i initially imagined." Clark mumbled the moment he saw a vast terrain mapped out before his eyes. At the center was of course his location right now which was the City of Nexus.

And it was only a minor city in the set of huge powers that composed the entirety of this continent, The Withered Continent.

From the name alone it can be seen of how scarce the cultivation resources were in this place.

Clark judged that other continents near the center which had the names Holy Continent and Primeval Continent provides the best cultivation haven for any monk that wanted to reach the sky in one go.

Still, he only glanced at this minor details but never truly paid them further attention than a mere cursory gaze. What Clark took his time with was the scattered numbers about on the map.

These series of numbers were from 1 to 100 and it would be remiss of him as a renowned gamer of his time to not notice that these were farm spots for a player to go to.

In here, he could level killing monsters and epic beasts.

"I guess the max level i would arrive at would also be at level 100." Clark's eyes surveyed the map and noticed that his Blood Twin was now farming in the forest outside the city called Lushwood Forest.

At a thought's decision, he tried to experiment on things. Of course he could have ask Nancy about his doubts but where was the fun in that?

"Blood Twin, go to this place." he uttered and pointed at a location in a whole nother continent than Withered. This place was called Mammoth Grove and it was located in Sword Grave Continent millions of miles away.

"BOINK!" a green dot that represented Clark's Blood Twin was teleported in the map after only 1 breath.

"So i was right." Clark smiled when he realized that his conjecture was indeed correct.

He zoomed on the map using only fingers like how he was used to before in his tablets and phone, a moment later it indeed gave him the same result.

"Could i also use my thought to command the system?" Clark mused because doing these things in front of people around was truly very impractical.

He would only invite suspicion and perhaps most would decide him senile or outright crazy for drawing things in the air like he previously did.

"Zoom out." he commanded using only his mind and the map reverted once more to picture the entirety of this world that had almost hundreds or thousands of continents on its surface.

"Just as i had expected. This is a pretty good system indeed!" Clark exclaimed in his thoughts.

"Thank you, host." Nancy happily reacted as if she heard the praise, loud and clear.

Clark only smiled and delve no more at this mystery. System cheats always know the thoughts of their host, or at least this was how it was most popularly depicted in the web novels he'd read.

His eyes was filled with curiosity instead at the lonely green dot on the map.

"Zoom in." he commanded over and over again.

"What a powerful spying device!" he was shocked when he witnessed how an imposing man made out of bones was relentlessly slaughtering a nest of ants on a dark forest.

His view was akin to someone with night vision googles and more than that, he could inspect what was happening around his Blood Twin on all angles in his vicinity.

Clark grinned at this pretty neat trick.

"Let me try how the Body Switch works." Clark scrutinized the surface and gathered that there was no danger around the Blood Twin.

There were no red dots that signified danger or enemies around and so he chose to do some test on his powers once more.

"Switch..." he intoned.

"FUCK ME!" Clark cursed a moment later. His skin shook in the extreme coldness that wrapped around his body.

"GRRRRRRRRR!!!" his teeth even gnashed audibly in response. The moon was no where to be seen and in all directions, only the grace of the night blanketed his eyesight.

"At least, i know it works." Clark consoled himself. Not a second later, he issued another command.

"Switch back!"

"PLOP!" Clark dropped on the bed and got himself a thick blanket to nurse his temperature back up.

"A short and fruitful trip nonetheless." Clark closed his eyes but continued on listening to the results of his Blood Twin's harvest.

Blood Twin has killed an ant... host has gained .01 xp!

Blood Twin has killed an ant... host has gained .01 xp!

Blood Twin has killed an ant... host has gained .01 xp!

"Soooo sleepy..." Clark moaned after only 3 minutes into the wait. He was inside the body of an old man after all and with the recent sexual activity he had, his energy was all but spent as of this moment.

"But i need to stay awake."





"FUCK! That stings!" he bit his lips and clenched his jaws in pain. His cheeks burned with the external motivation he gave himself with and at least for a while he would not succumb to his drowsiness.

After all, he was in an alien world and sleeping in his first night here was a mistake that he would rather not do than regret it after the fact.

"I even did countless all nighters while playing dota 2, how could i perform less now when my life and death hangs on the line." Clark deliberately stood up and paced on the floor like a restless sentinel.

"I want to go back home."

"I need to get sufficient strength for that."

"When i get back, i'll give my mom and dad a hug."

"Hmmm... okay give 1 for my siblings also."

"Maybe i'll get myself a girlfriend..." In the end, Clark took his time in planning what he would do when he got back to his home someday.

Approximately 1 hour later...

Blood Twin has killed an ant... host has gained .01 xp!

"Congratulations, host. You gave gained a new level. Please visit the system menu for further details." Nancy announced with her usual lovely voice.

"Finally!" Clark, who has now sported red drowsy tired eyes, paused his steps.