Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 73

73 Chapter 73
'What the hell happened to me?!' Clark was confused. He did not understand why such a crazy thing had occurred to him.

The impulse had been so great that he was not able to control his emotions at all. But there was one truth that he was sure of at the moment, this kind of lunacy just doesn't bloom from out of nowhere.

There had to be a good reason for it!

'Am I really cursed by the gods?' Goosebumps rose in every part of Clark's body. Even the hair on top of his neck could not have been standing more straighter at the moment.

"What the fuck just happened, Nancy?" Clark roared the question out. His outrage did not last for long though because a most pressing matter called for his attention more than that.

"DAMN!" Clark cursed and cradled a bloody foot while limping slowly towards the bed. In his pain, he even forgot that he could just as easily fly to accomplish the same effect.

+6 health

+6 health

+6 health




The constant beeps per second reassured Clark that his shattered foot would be reborn a new, given time.

It would take approximately 17 seconds to negate the self inflicted damage of a hundred health points.

'It's good to be like a game character in this world. Passive regen is really dope af!' Clark was thankful for small pleasures after he arrived carefully on the soft embracing body of his bed.

Although he left a trail of blood but he ignored it all the same.

It seemed that violence and gore was steadily becoming a familiar friend since his Blood Twin had started his ruthless warpath a few hours prior.

Clark rested for 30 breaths and eventually found out that he was in the pink of health once more.

Health: 800/800

"What a miraculous innate ability!" Clark exclaimed as he checked his recently smashed foot for lasting damage. No scar could be seen at all!

Not even a hint of the previous injury dealt unto the said limb. He only felt the uncomfortable itch that usually came together in moments of healing.

The sensation persisted until it subsided to nothingness after a few breaths also. It was at this moment that he knew he fucked up.

"Nancy?" Clark called to pry at least a passable reason behind this whole dilemma.

"You need to look at yourself in the mirror, host." The system replied mysteriously which garnered a raised eyebrow from our bored gamer. But it did not mean at all that it has not invited his curiosity.

'Well, i think this is deja vu all over again.'

'Great! Just great!' Clark took a few tentative steps up again and found himself staring back at the full body sized mirror inside his chamber.

"FUCK ME! I LOOK SO COOL!" Clark blurted out in amazement. He realized the vast changes that had befallen upon his person and it was indeed a pleasant surprise nonetheless.

The grey hair was gone and was replaced by a lustrous healthy raven mane. Even his long beard was now tinged in the darkest shades of the night.

Piercing arrogant dark eyes looked bravely at him.

Sword-like brows that hinted of aristocracy by birth, lips can capture any woman with a single smile, and the stance of a mighty conqueror in the making, all of these gifts were laid bare before the reflection of a mirror.

'Well, shit! I've become a true hunk just like that!' Clark smiled abundantly after these unreal facets has now plagued his physique.

While he may have rippling abs earlier but the same could not be said when it was possessed by a man of youth and promise at the sweetest age of 18 and not a day more!

"This is the result of reaching level 11, host. The system has automatically stopped this transformation at the Foundation Establishment Realm since it was calculated to be necessary for the occasion.

After all, it would be too curious for you to appear dramatically different in just the span of a few hours.

It would have raised the eyebrows of most nobles in the City of Haran and would definitely bring you no benefit, only more troubles ahead.

But because your feelings and emotions got the better of you, the outburst that you did earlier has untied the programmed restrictions installed by the system. This update is irreversible."

Nancy explained in a downcast voice.

"But why was I tilted like that in the first place, Nancy?" Clark asked in confusion. He remembered those seconds of absolute rage and he must admit that it was indeed a liberating feeling.

That did not mean that it was wise though.

"You are a cultivator, host. Someone who denies the natural will of heaven.

And it is exactly because of that why pure emotions such as fear, anger, and yes... love could magnify to exponential proportions that no human could ever hope to fetter.

If you would let this issue run amok, lunacy would be the least of your worries. So you need to guard your heart as you ascend in the endless ladder of the myriad daos.

The path shall only become even steeper and besieged by dangers, hidden and obvious, with every step that you take.

As of this very moment, you are already under the negative buff provided by Heaven unto every cultivator that wished to defy its natural laws." Nancy replied.

'Fuck me! Would I turn into Bruce Banner as I get stronger also?' Clark wobbled slightly. To say that this thing did not bode well to Clark was indeed an epic understatement for the century.

A glaring negative buff like this was almost as bothersome as his protagonist aura. Having both handicaps was truly lethal for our good gamer who wished only to hide and gain strength in peace.

'If i get crazy stupid for just the tiniest problems in my life from here on out, would that turn me into a devil in no time?' Clark shivered visibly by the thought.

"Is there no way to turn off this kind of negative effect, Nancy?" Clark recovered after a full minute.

"Negative, host. Even with the almost limitless faculties of the system, it cannot do such impossible tasks for you.

The system cannot teach you patience and courage, same to all the other virtues in existence. In the end, you alone shall need to face this problem on your own. Temper yourself and hone an indestructible dao heart.

Only by doing this will you have hope in safeguarding your soul from your baser instincts. Good luck, host. I believe that you can do it! Trust yourself!" Nancy encouraged as always but Clark had an entirely different thought altogether.

"It's over. I'm doomed!"