Bored Gamer In Other Worlds Chapter 8

8 Chapter 8
"Show me my status, Nancy." Clark said with great enthusiasm in his voice.


Host: Clark Colter

Experience: 0/200

Level: 1

Class: Necromancer

System Shop

Shop Points: None

Class Skills

Skill Points: 1

"There's no change to provide me character attributes or such nonsense. It seems that i can only get strength by leveling and not go the path of broken stats by maxing either speed or defense."

Although this had given a dim shade unto Clark's excitement but that was a paltry minority in comparison to how he felt about that single skill point in the tally.

He clicked on the Class Skills section and found himself scrutinizing the 3 Talent Trees held within.

Summoning Talent Tree.

Death Magic Talent Tree.

Cursed Words Talent Tree.

The first creature that could be summoned was called White Wolf.

Of course, Clark had long decided to use this Summoning Talent Tree as his eternal farm for passive income and experience but that alone has not halted his curiosity on the other skills available also at this level.

Death Magic Talent has a skill called Bone Plate that creates a full body armor upon activation which afforded meager defense at least to its caster.

Without question, this skill was indeed a good ability to have if Clark wanted to farm exp by his lonesome self. Sadly, he was not too suicidal enough to brave the dangers for himself.

"This is not a make believe game after all. This is real and i can die easily after 1 single mistake. No save points also." Clark shivered unconsciously.

He glanced at the Cursed Words Talent Tree next and took a short pause at its level 1 skill description.

Curse: Itch - make the target experience an unbearable itch.

Duration: 10 seconds

Host can choose what part of the target's body will be infected by the curse. (+50% effectiveness)

"Hmmm... This spell is good for causing distraction unto my enemies. But it's just too weak against the advantage of having countless summons around."

Clark noted the weakness of the cursed words talent as of this moment.

"It's time for an upgrade!" he breathed deeply and clicked on one particular point before him.

After that, Clark called upon his 2nd summon for the night.

"Come, White Wolf!"


"Health Function Unlocked!"

"Mana Function Unlocked!"

"Power Function Unlocked!"

A mist floated on the vacant floors before him and one breath later, a huge body of a wolf stood in feral smile at its master.

It had all the characteristics of a normal wolf save the dried husk that marred its body.

Its skeletons were even showing amidst the lumpish dead flesh that created a sorry excuse for a creature's flesh and muscles.

It may have appeared that way but in Clark's eyes, the summon's sharp teeth was indeed an extremely intimidating thing to watch at first try.

"250 pounds of big dog. I fear for your enemies, my good puppy." he smiled after realizing that this wolf was another knife to use for getting more exp.

And of course, as its owner, Clark would be the safest in the company of such animals.

He took a few breaths in admiring the White Wolf and got its stats from the system.

White Wolf

Power: 5 pts

Special Ability: can call the ghosts of its pack to fight alongside it. (+1 Shadow White Wolf, can be upgraded)

"Five points, huh?"

"Does that mean that my single Great White Wolf equals the power of 5 brave adult men?" Clark was pleased with the idea.

"And new functions! Great!"

"Show me my status again, Nancy."


Host: Clark Colter

Power: 3

Experience: 0/200

Health: 100/100

Health Regen: 1/s

Mana: 50/100

Mana Regen: 1/s

Level: 1

Class: Necromancer

System Shop

Shop Points: None

Class Skills

Skill Points: None

"A summon of White Wolf eats 50 of my precious mana?! DAMN! This cost is too high!" Clark bit his lips in consternation before moving on to accept the truth for what it was.

Without further ado, he wanted to see how this new summon could earn its value inside his growing keep. He opened the map function and quickly located an appropriate place for his level.

"Farm in this place, White Wolf." Clark commanded and expected good harvests in mere moments.

White Wolf has killed a deer... host has gained 1 xp!

White Wolf has killed a moose... host has gained 1 xp!

Alas, a few breaths later and he was indeed rewarded abundantly with these happy pings.

"Go my minions!" Clark chuckled gladly after these notifications come alive in his ears.

He looked at the map and noticed 2 blinking green dots that had wonderfully did his task for him.

At a closer look, it can be seen that 2 big wolves were now slaughtering the lives of whatever they could find in the forest that they invaded.

Darkness may have barred other living things but not these creations made out from death and its unforgiving magics.

"And these pawns does not even grow tire no matter how much i let them farm exp for me! What an OP cheat i have!"

Clark wanted to laugh out loud but held himself in check to avoid any repercussions or curiosity from the slumbering people around.

Although this whorehouse he was in may not be the best in the city but that had also proven a more precarious situation for him.

It was after all the mediocre ones which provided the cheapest and most affordable sluts in the business.

Most usually, this was a market that had so many patrons and so little good merchandise to brag about.

It was full no matter the time of the day solely because of the broken demand and supply that circulated on such an upstanding and profitable establishment.

Blood Twin has killed an ant... host has gained .01 xp!

White Wolf has killed a wild boar... host has gained 1 xp!

Blood Twin has killed an ant... host has gained .01 xp!

White Wolf has killed a rabbit... host has gained 1 xp!

Blood Twin has killed an ant... host has gained .01 xp!

another series of notifications mixed unto the rather well debuted pair of wolves.

"I should let my Blood Twin advance a stage also."

"Blood Twin follow the trail of my White Wolves!" Clark mapped a new route for his mirror image.

Blood Twin has killed a beaver... host has gained 1 xp!

Blood Twin has killed a rodent... host has gained 1 xp! and two notifications came out at 10 seconds interval from the successful kills of Clark's Blood Twin.

"Now that sounds much better." Clark could not help but smile on this accomplishment. With the relentless beeps on his head, it would take less than 4 minutes to reach level 2.

All he had to do was to wait some more and the rest would follow pretty well. And so, Clark resumed his pacing to burn the floors anew with his renewed steps.