Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Deep, Forbidden Love (7)
Chapter 101: Deep, Forbidden Love (7)

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Han Ruchu certainly was not going to have her own son's inheritance threatened by the child of her husband's mistress - no woman would!

Hence, the two of them schemed to give the minor celebrity some money to send her away. The minor celebrity wholeheartedly refused and begged profusely. In the end, Xu Wanli's father took initiative, even though the child was illegitimate, he was still his grandson after all. The grandfather told Xu Wanli to go with the minor celebrity and his child to test for HLA compatibility. Test results showed that he was not a good match. Their last hope was with the Xu family's only heir. The results from the two step brothers came outthey were a complete match. This meant that the minor celebrity's child, Lu Jinnian, had hope! But Han Ruchu point-blank refused to consent to the operation.

In the very end, with no other possible option, Xu Wanli's father drew conditions to persuade Han Ruchu to consent: the minor celebrity's child couldn't live with the Xu family, the child would be excluded from the family tree, the child wouldn't take over the Xu family's estates, and her son, Xu Jiamu, would be the Xu family's successor.

The operation was successful. After it, the minor celebrity held up her end of the deal. She took Lu Jinnian, who had the Xu family blood running in his veins, and left.

The minor celebrity never made it big, nor was she able to get a foot in the entertainment industry after giving birth. Now, without anybody to rely on or an educational background, she looked after the child with nothing. In the end, she had to work shifts in a night club to survive.

And so, Lu Jinnian spent the nights of his childhood alone. The everlasting memory of his mother was the image of how she would drink a lot and come home vomiting in the bathroom.

But no matter how hard their days became, the minor celebrity never let her son suffer. However, because of her job, Lu Jinnian got teased a lot by his classmates.

Those days of immature teasing, at times, were the most deadly.

Lu Jinnian tried to blend in with other classmates a few times but failed. Eventually, he slowly gave up and started to do things alone. Over time, that became a habit.

Perhaps, that was when his cold and unsocial personality started to take shape. The reason for why Lu Jinnian was so rude when he spoke was only because he was acting defensively.

His mother passed away from alcohol poisoning when he was in the sixth grade. From then on, he became an orphan on this earth who couldn't contact his own relatives.

After her death, he received some inheritance. Even though it was small, it was enough for him to survive a few years. His neighbor was an old lady who had no children. Seeing how pitiful he was, she took him in.