Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 124

Chapter 124: In and Out of Filming(10)
Chapter 124: In and Out of Filming10

Translator: Paperplane Editor: DarkGem
Both of them stared quietly into each other's eyes for about ten seconds. Just when Qiao Anhao thought that Lu Jinnian would lower his head to kiss her, his eyes suddenly revealed faint colors. They started to grow deeper and more vibrant. In his eyes, a complex emotion emerged. Those emotions grew stronger, like a whirlpool. Qiao Anhao was so transfixed, she couldn't look away. In his eyes, she saw intense love and pain.

In that instant, Qiao Anhao felt her heart go numb, like it was electrocuted. Then it started racing faster and faster, as though it was going to jump out from her mouth.

Lu Jinnian lowered his head inch by inch, extremely slowly. His lips trembled a little as they lightly touched hers.

A strong current from their lips traveled through their entire bodies.

From the moment his lips touched hers, he didn't make a single move. Their lips just quietly came together.

Nobody made the first move.

Besides the turning of the recording tapes in their ears, nothing else could be heard. It was as though the whole world had stopped in that one moment.

Suddenly, the stationary Lu Jinnian pried apart Qiao Anhao's lips. He forced his tongue in her mouth, wrapping hers gently around his. He kissed her without any hesitation as he tossed and turned their tongues together.

In that split second, Qiao Anhao couldn't tell if they were filming or if it was a dream. She was completely drunk from the moment, and her eyes closed without a conscious thought. Her entire being was immersed in their deep kiss. Sounds farther away grew increasingly more distant. All that she could hear were the sounds of their breathing and the racing of their hearts.

He kissed her boldly, deeper and deeper. Even the force he used to press down on her grew heavier. It was like he was going to swallow her up at any moment.

He was only like this whilst filming, where he could release all of his love and exhaust all of his energy by kissing her.

They only stopped after holding the kiss for quite some time. Lu Jinnian's lips slowly pulled away from Qiao Anhao, his beautiful eyes staring quietly at her.

The long and passionate kiss just now had left him a little breathless. He gasped for breath in front of her face.

The director stood on the sidelines, looking at the monitor, and thought the kiss scene was finally over. But just when he was about to scream "Cut", Lu Jinnian suddenly reached out and slowly stroked Qiao Anhao's face.

Following his gesture, her long eyelashes trembled as she opened her eyes.

Once again, their eyes found each other.