Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 125

Chapter 125: In and Out of Filming(11)
Chapter 125: In and Out of Filming11

Translator: Paperplane Editor: DarkGem
Lu Jinnian's eyes revealed lingering passion and emotions from the kiss. They focused quietly on hers for a while as his hands softly stroked her face twice.

In that instant, all that was present in the cold, unsociable man was intense affection.

The way he carefully stroked her face, there was no hint of hidden love in it. It looked as though he was protecting a treasure, the only reason he was on this earth. When he spoke, his voice carried tones of drunkenness.

"You know... your single careless smile, it warms my entire world."


After the kiss scene, it was the confession scene. There was meant to be a break in between, but now, Lu Jinnian was carrying on to the next. Staff members couldn't help but stare astonished at the director, but he only made a hand gesture to signal for silence, for he was glued to the monitor full of excitement.

Actually, this was never in the script. Who knew that after so many NGs, in the very end, Lu Jinnian's acting skills would explode. The lines he improvised were exhilarating!


Lu Jinnian's voice paired with the world's most touching lines traveled from Qiao Anhao's ears and straight into her heart. She stared into his eyes, slowly becoming entranced.

Lu Jinnian's face was like gold dust, there was only tenderness in it. He looked at Qiao Anhao for a long time, blinking softly. In a slightly hoarse voice, he whispered softly, slowly saying the words he had kept deep down for so many years, "This year I found happiness because of you, so..."

After saying that, his brows slowly pressed against her forehead. The fingers on her face started to tremble slightly. He stopped for half a minute and looked into her eyes. He grew somber and moved. His voice next revealed a sadness and pain.

"Never leave me again, alright?"

In his heart, Lu Jinnian added two words to that line - Qiao Qiao...

His words were only for her, but they could only be said like this to be just for her.

'This year' it sounded like his name, Jinnian. 'Anhao' as in wellness or happiness, was her name.

Actually, what he really wanted to express was - I'm only happy with you in my life.

Qiao Anhao was transfixed and a little dazed. In that split second, she completely forgot that she was filming. It was all like a dream to her.

She didn't move, and neither did he. The two of them quietly held their positions like that.

Seeing that the tape was almost finished, the director, who was staring at the monitor, picked up the microphone. He screamed, "Done!"

Without holding back, he started complementing, "Beautiful! That scene just now was just beautiful!"