Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 127

Chapter 127: Don't Talk Nonsense (1)
Chapter 127: Don't Talk Nonsense (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: DarkGem
No matter what she thought, Qiao Anhao was plagued by a heavy sense of loss. They had a lot of NGs that night and they were quite tired, so after they removed her make up, she looked down in the dumps. Back in the hotel, she took a shower and headed straight for bed.

Qiao Anhao pulled out her phone. Out of habit, she was about to set her alarm when she remembered that she didn't have any scenes with Lu Jinnian tomorrow. She turned her phone to silent instead and put it on the cabinet above the bed's head.

Qiao Anhao didn't sleep well. Who knew if it was because Lu Jinnian had exhausted her during that night's filming, but she dreamed of his beautiful confession. She was touched and delighted. Her face blushed slightly as she slowly said the words that she'd kept hidden in her heart for all these years, "Lu Jinnian, did you know that I've liked you for thirteen years..."

When she finished speaking, Qiao Anhao subconsciously wanted to hug Lu Jinnian, but she reached out to hug the air. She then opened her eyes.

Zhao Meng had turned off all the lights in the house, so everything was pitch-black. In the other bed lay Zhao Meng, fast asleep and slightly snoring. Qiao Anhao however didn't have a hint of wanting to fall asleep. With her eyes open, she looked into the darkness, thinking back to Jinnian's gentle eyes during that scene. Then she thought about the cold glare he gave her when he walked out of the make up room.

She fell asleep again. When? Qiao Anhao didn't know.

The skies outside gradually got bright. Even though Qiao Anhao hadn't went to bed late last night, she did get up in the middle of the night a few times. And so, she didn't get up until ten the next morning.

Zhao Meng was already out by then. Qiao Anhao lay in bed for a while. Just as she was ready to get up and wash her face, her phone suddenly vibrated.

She tilted her head to see the screenit was Qiao Anxia. Without hesitation, she immediately picked it up.


"Are you up? I'm about fifteen minutes away from your hotel lobby. You'd better get ready to meet downstairs."

Even after so many years, Qiao Anxia's personality hadn't changed one bit. She always got straight to the point, never beating around the bush. She immediately hung up when she finished what she had to say.


Though Qiao Anhao had already washed her face and changed at top speed, she was still late by five minutes.

As soon as she left the hotel, she saw Qiao Anxia standing impatiently by her car with her phone raised, just about to make a call.

Before Qiao Anxia could call Qiao Anhao, she saw her and put her phone away. She pointed to the car and said, "Get in."

Without a word, she opened the car door and got in.