Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 128

Chapter 128: Don't Talk Nonsense (2)
Chapter 128: Don't Talk Nonsense (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: DarkGem
Qiao Anhao got in the car. Just as she was putting on the seat belt, Qiao Anxia stepped on the gas. The car sped off.

Qiao Anhao was well used to her sister's aggressive driving style. After the car left the villa, she turned to ask her, "When did you come to Beijing?"

"Last night at eleven"

"You've been on vacation for quite a long time, almost four months now."

Qiao Anxia smiled but didn't speak. After a while, she turned around to sweep a glance at Qiao Anhao before asking, "How about you? How's married life? How has Xu Jiamu been treating you?"

Besides Qiao Anhao, everyone in the Qiao family thought that Xu Jiamu had woken up and that the person she married was him.

She blinked, turned her head to the window and replied evasively, "Alright." Noticing that they were heading north, she asked again, "Where are you going?"

"To lunch. There's a family restaurant at the foot of the mountain. Their food isn't bad."

Qiao Anhao nodded silently.

After a while, Qiao Anxia spoke again. "But this afternoon, we won't be eating alone, there's one other guest."

"Who?" Qiao Anhao glanced over at her sister.

She stared at the road, smirking. "Someone who might be my boyfriend."

Qiao Anhao had never heard that Qiao Anxia had been dating, and so was instantly intrigued. "Who? When did this happen?"

"A few years ago." Qiao Anxia blinked, a mysterious smile crossing her face. "I've never been too sure. But now, I think something might happen."

Qiao Anhao was even more intrigued. "It's been quite a few years now, Qiao Anxia, why haven't I heard about this?"

"Well you know now..." Qiao Anxia asked Qiao Anhao back before she added, "You know him."

"Someone I know, for at least several years? Who is it?" Qiao Anhao was even more interested now.

Her sister laughed without a word.

Qiao Anhao pursed her lips. Someone who was close with Qiao Anxia and someone she knows. She thought hard about it and started to guess, "The heir to Wansheng Group?"

"Him? I'd never date him even if I was blind," Qiao Anxia said with a disdainful expression.

"Your university's student council president?"

"How's that possible? We haven't kept in contact for so long now."

"Could it be that Tony from America..."

"No, stop randomly guessing. You'll see later."

Qiao Anhao sealed her lips and turned away from Qiao Anxia.


Even though the place served family dishes sourced from local farms, everything looked unique. There was even a large fish pond by the door.

Qiao Anxia had booked a private room in advance, on hearing her name, the staff immediately took the two of them upstairs.

Just as Qiao Anhao and Qiao Anxia sat down in the booth, the waiter pushed open the door.

"Miss. Qiao, your other friend has arrived."