Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 130

Chapter 130: Don't Talk Nonsense (4)
Chapter 130: Don't Talk Nonsense (4)

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This had caused a stir in the school.

But soon, everyone's attention was swept away by another interesting gossip.

Qiao Anxia had many boyfriends, but none of them lasted long, the longest being two months.

Using her good looks, she had swept through the guys in her high school, switching up one boyfriend for another constantly.

Qiao Anxia wasn't a calculative person and didn't hold it against Lu Jinnian even though he had rejected her. Every time they went out together with Xu Jiamu, she would treat him normally.

Qiao Anhao, who had been carrying a torch for Lu Jinnian, had asked her if she still liked him about a year after the night she was rejected.

At that time, Qiao Anxia had laughed lightly. In an arrogant tone, she dismissed it, "I stopped liking him a long time ago, I was merely infatuated by his looks."

Afterwards, the two of them indeed had a peaceful and bland relationship.

During university, Qiao Anxia had even lived together with a Shanghai heir she had met in school. However, they didn't last long, breaking up after just half a month. She then dated a successful Chinese-American businessman.

After so many years, Qiao Anxia and Lu Jinnian barely kept in contact. Hence, when Qiao Anxia had mentioned a man she had known for many years who could potentially be her boyfriend, Qiao Anhao still couldn't figure him out even after going through everyone they both knew.

So when the waiter for Nong Jia Cai restaurant warmly and politely said "Miss Qiao, your other friend just arrived", Qiao Anhao smiled, turning curiously to find out who he was. That was when she caught sight of Lu Jinnian's cold expression.

The smile on her lips froze and she swallowed the words she was about to say.

Qiao Anxia smiled and stood up hearing the waiter's words.

"Jinnian, you're here."

Lu Jinnian nodded, expressionless, and he pulled out the seat in front of them.

This morning, when he woke up and saw a text from Qiao Anxia, he had wanted to ignore it.

But by the time he came out of the shower, there were a few more messages, all from her as well.

[Aren't you in the same drama as Anhao? I'm meeting her for lunch, you want to come along?]

Lu Jinnian stared at the message, hesitating for a bit before replying, [What time?]

Qiao Anxia instantly answered, [11.30am, at Xiao Nong Jia Le Yuan.]