Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 131

Chapter 131: Don't Talk Nonsense (5)
Chapter 131: Don't Talk Nonsense (5)

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After Lu Jinnian was seated, Qiao Anxia signaled to the waiter. He brought her the menu which she personally passed over to Lu Jinnian.

"Jinnian, you can order."

From the moment Lu Jinnian entered the private room, he never once glanced at Qiao Anxia. When she had passed him the menu, he looked towards the menu, took a glimpse at Qiao Anhao who was seated beside her sister.

Qiao Anhao was holding onto an antiseptic towel, staring at the table, seemingly lost in thought.

Lu Jinnian frowned before saying, "I can eat anything, you can decide."

Qiao Anxia didn't act coy. She opened the menu and placed it between herself and Qiao Anhao. In a sweet tone, she said, "Qiao Qiao, let's order."

From the moment Qiao Anhao saw Lu Jinnian, her mind had become blank. Her sister's voice now jolted her out of her daze. Looking towards her, she made a questioning murmur, "uh?"

"Stop dreaming!" Qiao Anxia teased before pointing at the menu. "Order anything you want, today Best Screen Actor Lu is treating!"

Lu Jinnian was treating Qiao Anxia?

Qiao Anhao lifted her eyes slightly, sneaking a glimpse at Lu Jinnian, who sat directly in front of her, before hurriedly lowering her eyes. She clenched her fists, her heart in a mess. Randomly, she ordered two vegetable dishes.

Qiao Anxia didn't force her to order more, instead, she took the menu and ordered several of the signature dishes. Lastly, she ordered three cups of freshly squeezed orange juice.

No more than ten minutes later, the dishes were almost fully served. Qiao Anxia lifted her chopsticks, taking a bite. Seeing that Qiao Anhao had not started, she placed a piece of chicken into her bowl. "The chicken served are all from the farm here. It's organic and delicious."

Qiao Anhao forced a smile and lifted her chopsticks to start eating.

If it was only Qiao Anhao and Lu Jinnian, the meal would've been dead quiet, but with Qiao Anxia's constant chattering, there was not a moment of silence.

Qiao Anhao sat in the corner silently, not making a sound. She didn't have much appetite and ate slowly.

Lu Jinnian sat on the chair in a relaxed posture. He didn't say much, just occasionally acknowledging Qiao Anxia's words with an "uhm" sound. Every time he replied or would lift his head to take more food, his eyes would casually sweep past Qiao Anhao.