Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Don't Talk Nonsense(6)
Chapter 132: Don't Talk Nonsense6

Translator: Paperplane Editor: DarkGem
Qiao Anxia had a great dinner. When she put down her chopsticks after her meal, she let out a sigh. "The food here is great." As she said that, she turned to look at Qiao Anhao, who had already put her chopsticks down. "Qiao Qiao, what's wrong? You alright?"

Qiao Anhao lightly nodded.

Qiao Anxia looked over at Lu Jinnian. Her eyes smiled when she said, "Lu Jinnian was the one who told me about this restaurant."

Qiao Anhao clenched her hand, fingers stabbing hard into her palm, and forced a smile.

Sitting opposite her, Lu Jinnian lifted his eyelids to look at Qiao Anhao after Qiao Anxia's words. To him, she looked calm as usual, as though her sister inviting him to dinner had nothing to do with her at all.

There was a flash of bleakness under Lu Jinnian's eyes. After a few seconds, his tone was mild. "If I remember correctly, Jiamu and I used to fish over there by the mountain. You went hiking with your friends and later bumped into the restaurant, so Jiamu suggested we eat here."

He knew that Qiao Anhao didn't care about the hint of flirting in Qiao Anxia's words. Even if he pretended as if nothing had happened between him and Qiao Anxia, to her, his clarification meant nothing, but he still wanted her not to misunderstand him.

Qiao Anxia couldn't believe that the usually quiet Lu Jinnian would expose her pleasant words. With a slightly awkward expression, she pretended as though she was fine and changed the subject. "Don't you both have no filming this afternoon? It's still early. How about we go watch a movie? There's a new big Hollywood produced movie that just came out.."

To Qiao Anhao, she'd suffered enough through the dinner. Upon hearing her sister's suggestion, she didn't even need to think about it. She shook her head and said, "Nah, I'm busy this afternoon. You two can go watch the movie. I won't be joining in on the fun."

Qiao Anxia didn't insist any further but turned to Lu Jinnian with a bright smile. "How about Mr. Lu? Do you have time?"

Lu Jinnian wanted to refuse first, but he wasn't given a chance to before hearing Qiao Anhao's words.

Won't be joining in on the fun... Ha...

Lu Jinnian's eyes revealed a hint of mockery as his expression became instantly cold. He opened his mouth to get to the point. "Not interested." He got up, kicked his chair away, and called for the waiter. "Cheque please!"

Then, with a cold look, he picked up his jacket from the side and rushed out of the private room.

Qiao Anhao and Qiao Anxia's eyes met. The both of them didn't know just how they had managed to suddenly piss off Lu Jinnian.