Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 135

Chapter 135: Don't Talk Nonsense (9)
Chapter 135: Don't Talk Nonsense (9)

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At the time, she thought that Lu Jinnian was her only flaw.

So much so that, she had already accepted this flaw.

Up until over four years ago, Lu Jinnian would always casually chat for a bit when they bumped into each other at parties.

Even though she couldn't say she fully understood him, for all the years she'd known him, she could say that she was someone who relatively got him. She'd never seen Lu Jinnian go out of his way to talk to a girl before.

At first, she thought that she was over-thinking things, but once, twice, then three times... over four years, Lu Jinnian would always go out of his way to say a few words to her... So she started to think he was interested in her.

Honestly speaking, when they were young, she only chased him for his entrancing good looks. Of the many beautiful faces she had seen, no one had ever stuck out as much as he. She wanted him to be her boyfriend.

To describe her feelings at the time, it was as though she had her eyes on the most limited edition handbag in the world. She just wanted to have it to get everyone's attention, and to make people envious.

So at the time, she thought that having a boyfriend like Lu Jinnian would definitely let her gain face.

Her heart had completely given up on him, but when she felt that Lu Jinnian might be interested in her, feelings for him started to awake.

Furthermore, Lu Jinnian now was the best screen actor for six years running, the CEO of Huan Ying Entertainment, and titled the 'Nation's Husband'.

However, she never imagined that it was all in her head and that Lu Jinnian was still uninterested in her.

She'd lost twice to this man who completely burned the Qiao Anxia who had everything she ever wanted since she was young.

She really wanted to know just who was this woman - this woman who was able to make Lu Jinnian so committed, who he could persistently be hung up on for over ten years like it was his first day.

Qiao Anxia stared at Lu Jinnian, who was about to get out of the car. She asked, as she couldn't hold back her curiosity, "Lu Jinnian, just who is the woman that you like?"

Lu Jinnian didn't show any intention of wanting to entangle himself with Qiao Anxia any longer. Just as he was going to get out of the car, he heard Qiao Anxia suddenly ask from behind him, "Lu Jinnian, just who is the woman that you like?"

His hands were ready to push open the door when he suddenly stopped. Seconds later, he held his motionless pose as he said in a dull voice, "You're unworthy of knowing who she is!"

And then he pushed open the door, and without a single sign of stopping, he stalked out.