Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 137

Chapter 137: You Like Rainy Days Too? (1)
Chapter 137: You Like Rainy Days Too? (1)

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Qiao Anxia didn't think much of it and replied, "Qiao Qiao caught a cold. She's not feeling too good, so she didn't want to come out."

He nodded calmly as though it was nothing, but his heart clenched in pain.

At that time, she was already someone he could not love, even if he was worried, he had no right to visit or care about her. In the end, he drove through the silent night, sitting outside the Qiao family's mansion, guarding till the next morning before driving off.

He knew that Qiao Anhao would always be a burden he could not carry but yet he could not let go.

Even though at that time they no longer were in contact, he still wanted to know how she was living.

Just like that, he continued to talk to Qiao Anxia to get snippets of information... Unknowingly, it lasted for four years, until the day Xu Jiamu's mother Han Ruchu came to him. She wanted him to act as Xu Jiamu and marry Qiao Anhao... Only then did he stop talking to Qiao Anxia.

Ever since the incident five years ago, he knew that Qiao Anhao was someone he could never love, so he started to treat her coldly, but his love never wavered. He never thought of trying to love someone else or settling with someone more suitable.

Hence, when he heard Qiao Anxia telling Qiao Anhao that he might be interested in her and could even potentially become her boyfriend, he wasn't just infuriated but worried as well.

He was worried that Qiao Anhao would misunderstand him, think he liked her sister.

That day, he didn't return back to the set but waited directly at the hotel. Once Qiao Anhao went it, he immediately joined Qiao Anxia in her car.

He was at the peak of his fury then, saying harsh and offensive words to her. But it was all for the best, if he couldn't get together with her, he wanted to make it clear to her.

"Knock! Knock! Knock!"

The sudden knock on the door jolted Lu Jinnian out of his daze. He arranged his expression before gracefully standing up to open the door.

According to Lu Jinnian's instructions, his assistant had gone to find Qiao Anhao, telling her that Mr. Lu wanted to see her upstairs. Before leaving, the assistant hesitated before adding, "Miss Qiao, Mr. Lu hasn't eaten since afternoon... He has been working the entire time and only now got some free time. I asked him if he wanted to eat but he refused, yet he'll have a long day tomorrow. Could you get him to eat a little later?"