Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 148

Chapter 148: You Like Rainy Days Too? (12)
Chapter 148: You Like Rainy Days Too? (12)

Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem
Initially, Qiao Anhao didn't pay them any attention, but halfway through her meal, she realized that more and more people were starting to look her way, some even pointing at her as they talked.

She started to have a bad premonition. She placed her chopsticks down, and, lifting her head, she asked Zhao Meng, who was sitting in front of her, "Did something happen today?"

Zhao Meng looked at a loss, shaking her head. With food in her mouth, she murmured " I didn't hear anything." After swallowing her food, she continued, "Something wrong?"

Just then, someone was using a chopstick to point at Qiao Anhao. When Qiao Anhao caught her in the act, the woman immediately turned away. Qiao Anhao frowned, knowing that something about her must have spread among the crew.

Softly, she instructed Zhao Meng, "After your meal, go find out what had happened."

They stood up, leaving, but on their way, a conversation reached them.

The restaurant was on the fourth floor of the hotel, and on the way from the elevator, there was a smoking lounge.

Now that it was after lunchtime, there were about five people on the sofa in the smoking lounge, chatting as they smoked.

Some of them were loud while some of them were soft, but every word could be heard by anyone passing by.

"I told you, Qiao Anhao didn't get her role based on capability. There are so many people with good acting skills, but I haven't seen anyone replacing the second lead on such a late notice!"

Unconsciously, Zhao Meng looked towards Qiao Anhao.

Qiao Anhao remained calm, signaling for Zhao Meng to remain quiet, not to alarm the people who were chatting. She then sat still, waiting for them to continue.

"Girls like her who look innocent are actually sluts deep down." This time, it was a third rated actor who started out as a model that spoke. Holding onto a cigarette, he laughed coldly. Taking a deep breath, he blew out a perfect circle before using a demeaning tone to say, "But she sure is calm, either she doesn't know that her shameless act was exposed, or she just has thick-skin."