Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 151

Chapter 151: Answer Me One Question (3)
Chapter 151: Answer Me One Question (3)

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Qiao Anhao's gaze turned cold when she said, "This person spent so much effort just to stop me from getting famous, overshadowing her. Take a look at the comments, see who gains the most out of it."

Zhao Meng took the phone back and scanned the comments. "Lin Shiyi! Many of the comments are complaining that you stole her role... " Zhao Meng seemed to have understood something. She looked up and exclaimed, "It's definitely her! The main reason she was able to climb so high in this industry was because of acting innocent and framing others!!"

"Yes, its her. But I won't let her make use of me like that!"

"Qiao Qiao, have you found a solution?"

Early in the morning, when Lu Jinnian's assistant came to find him, he found Lu Jinnian in a foul mood and acted with extreme caution.

In the afternoon, the assistant carried over a stack of documents to the office. When he got Lu Jinnian to sign them, he stood at the side, not daring to make a sound, afraid that he might accidentally offend Lu Jinnian.

A pressuring atmosphere settled in the room. In just a few minutes, the assistant broke into a sweat, and by the time Lu Jinnian had finished signing the documents , he was prepared to leave the room, but then he suddenly remembered the news on weibo regarding Lu Jinnian and Qiao Anhao.

The assistant hesitated for a while before finally reporting the news, "Mr Lu, there are news regarding you trending on weibo now."

News about him trending on weibo was a common occurrence for Lu Jinnian, so he didn't react to it, focusing his attention on the cigarette in his hand.

His assistant continued hesitantly, "The news is a scandal, about you and Miss Qiao."

Miss Qiao... Lu Jinnian paused momentarily, then lifted the cigarette to his lips and took a deep breath. Looking straight ahead, he swept a glance over his assistant, signaling for him to continue.

"When Miss Qiao entered your room yesterday, someone took a photo and posted in on weibo. Now everyone is bashing her..." The assistant suddenly shut his mouth when he saw Lu Jinnian's face grow darker with each word.

Lu Jinnian tossed the cigarette that he had barely smoked into the ash tray before clicking his keyboard. His long fingers flew across it, and after a few seconds, he entered weibo.

Just as his assistant had said, the scandal with Qiao Anhao was a top hit.

Lu Jinnian didn't hesitate, clicking on the link. He scanned the photos before scrolling to the comments section. Every page was filled with complains about Qiao Anhao, and the next moment, he threw the mouse to the floor.