Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 152

Chapter 152: Answer Me One Question (4)
Chapter 152: Answer Me One Question (4)

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The assistant was startled by Lu Jinnian reaction and shuddered in fear. "Bang!" a sudden thump sounded. Turning his head, the assistant saw a mouse bounce off the wall, then shatter to pieces on the ground.

He turned back carefully, looking at Lu Jinnian. The man had a frosty expression as he sat on his seat, focused on the screen. Even though he was silent, deep in his eyes, there was a flame burning.

The assistant knew that this was a sign that Lu Jinnian was furious, even though he couldn't read Lu Jinnian most of the time, but he still knew to placate him when necessary. Taking a deep breath, he spoke in a low voice, "Mr. Lu, do you need me to get someone to talk to weibo officials? They could delete the post."

Lu Jinnian continued to stare at the screen, unwavering, for a long while before looking up. With suppressed anger he said, "You can leave first, I will handle this."

The assistant hurriedly nodded and said "Yes". He then picked up the documents and hurriedly left the room, careful to not infuriate Lu Jinnian further.

Once his assistant left, Lu Jinnian lifted his hands and touched his laptop's touchpad. There was an influx of messages in just those few minutes, all of them scolding Qiao Anhao.

Lu Jinnian reached out and slammed his laptop shut.

What if she saw the messages...

His calm facade suddenly faded. Frustrated, he stood up and took large strides, pacing about the room. In the end, he settled back on the desk and reached for his phone, dialing Qiao Anhao's number.


"Qiao Qiao, have you thought of something?"

Qiao Anhao shook her head slowly, and just as she was about to say "Not yet", her phone rang.

Zhao Meng climbed off the bed and walked to Qiao Anhao's bag to find her phone. The moment she saw the caller, she hurriedly passed it over to Qiao Anhao. "Lu Jinnian is calling."

Qiao Anhao had been focusing all her attention on the culprit. neglecting the fact that Lu Jinnian was also part of the scandal. When they had married, she had promised him never to expose their relationship to the public, but now everyone knew. Was he calling to scold her?

She pressed her lips together. Reaching for the phone, she walked to the window and took a deep breath before answering.


The moment Lu Jinnian heard Qiao Anhao's voice, he came back to his senses. In his fury, he had actually lost control of his senses and called her....