Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 154

Chapter 154: Answer Me One Question (6)
Chapter 154: Answer Me One Question (6)

Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem
Lu Jinnian stared at the message, growing more frustrated by each passing second. Infuriated, he tossed the phone onto the table Some time later, he came back, picked it u, and replied with one word: "ok"

Instantly, Qiao Anhao replied with thank you.

Lu Jinnian tossed the phone to the corner once again. Exhausted, he laid down on the bed and shut his eyes closed.

Before, when he was still poor, when he was not good enough for her, even though he didn't confess, but when she had period cramps, he had brought her to the nurse's office and stayed with her the entire afternoon. Before, when he knew that she lost her wallet, he traveled a long way to fetch her before letting her spend the night in his place. But now, when he was rich and was able to provide her with the life she wanted, he had lost the right to love her.

From the simple attention in the beginning to the deep love later, his one true love became a woman he could never love. How could that have happened?

Now, he could only use their deal as a way to stay with the girl that he had vowed to protect for all time, the girl he wanted to protect with his entire being.

Moisture collected in the corners of his eyes. He shielded them, and after a long while, he sat up. Grabbing his jacket, he left for the filming set.

When he arrived at the set, Song Xiangsi had already finished filming, removed her makeup, and was preparing to enter her car.

Lu Jinnian quickly walked over and reached out to block her path to the car door.

Song Xiangsi took one glance at him before turning to her manager and assistant. "Wait for me outside."

They nodded before leaving the immediate surroundings.

Song Xiangsi then looked up at Lu Jinnian. He placed his hand down, allowing her to enter the car. He then followed closely behind, shutting the door after himself.

"Mr. Lu, why are you here?" Song Xiangsi asked as she opened a bottle of mineral water. She realized she couldn't open it so she passed it over to Lu Jinnian. "Help me open it."

Lu Jinnian ignored her, continuing to stare at her. He moved his lips several times before forcing out, "Help me with something and I'll agree to your one request."

Song Xiangsi used her teeth to force the bottle open before smiling at Lu Jinnian. "Anything? What about sleeping with me?"

"Never!" Lu Jinnian spat through clenched teeth.

"Hmph, not like I want it." Song Xiangsi pouted. Lifting her head, she took a sip of water before turning to look at Lu Jinnian. "What if I said I wanted 10% of Huan Ying Entertainment's shares? Would you be willing?"