Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 166

Chapter 166: Karma Calls(8)
Chapter 166: Karma Calls8

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Song Xiangsi waited for Lu Jinnian to draw closer before she raised her hand to disperse the crowd around her.

She casually took a few calm strides towards his side and said, "You arrived sooner than I imagined!" Song Xiangsi looked Lu Jinnian up and down. "Ah, Mr. Lu, how worried were you coming over... You're sweating, and... Did you just run here? Your hair's all messed up..."

Lu Jinnian simply didn't care about Song Xiangsi. Without any expression, his eyes swept through the set before landing on Qiao Anhao, who was resting in her chair. Her head was turned as she was talking with Zhao Meng about who knows what. She was smiling brightly, and there wasn't a hint of any conflict in her disposition.

In that instant, Lu Jinnian realized that he had been played by Song Xiangsi. Hence, his cold eyes moved to her, and he turned his gloomy face around, about to leave.

"Aye, Mr. Lu, don't go!"

Song Xiangsi caught up with Lu Jinnian's footsteps. Completely fearless, she looked him up and down before saying with too much enthusiasm at his misfortune, "Mr. Lu, you're drenched. You didn't run all the way over here did you? Yeesh, perhaps you really did... Your hair's all messed up from the run... but you're still good looking..."

Lu Jinnian knew Song Xiangsi's personality. The more you paid her attention, the more energy was wasted, and so he immediately ignored her chatter. His footsteps hastened.

Song Xiangsi couldn't quite catch up. The distance between the two of them slowly increased, so she may as well have stopped. She looked around to discover that she was quite far from the set.

Yet, to prevent others from listening in, she only slightly raised her voice to Lu Jinnian in front of her, who kept walking ahead. She said cautiously, "Mr. Lu, I didn't trick you. She was actually arguing, but from what I could tell, she beat that person. I wouldn't be too sure if that person won't strike back at her at a moment's notice."

Song Xiangsi clearly saw his footsteps stop when her words sunk in. Her lips curled into a smile, and she immediately turned around and walked back to the set.

Coincidentally, the director was already calling for someone to look for Song Xiangsi. Seeing that she came back herself, he immediately signaled for their third take.

Before Song Xiangsi stepped on the set, she looked all around her, searching for Lu Jinnian, who had been walking out. Who knows when, but he was already standing poised near the set.


Lin Shiyi's manager noticed that Lin Shiyi's condition was extremely poor. Just before she walked back onto the scene, the manager constantly advised her to get into character. Lin Shiyi didn't say a word, but every now and then she would nod. At last, her eyes fell on Qiao Anhao, who stood in front of her.