Bringing The Nation's Husband Home Chapter 168

Chapter 168: Karma Calls(10)
Chapter 168: Karma Calls10

Translator: Paperplane Editor: DarkGem
The sound of that word, it was like receiving a get-out-of-hell-free card. Lin Shiyi secretly let out a sigh of relief, and the stiffness in her whole body instantly released itself. Her legs gave way, and she leaned on the table at the back of the caf.

This was definitely the worst nightmare of her acting career.

Just as Lin Shiyi thought her nightmare was over, a cold voice came from beyond. "Sun Zheng, since when has your standards become low?"

Sun Zheng was the director's name.

The director had put all of his focus just now on filming, so he hadn't noticed when Lu Jinnian had arrived on set. After he heard Lu Jinnian's abrupt words, his head turned towards the direction of his voice. He looked over to find Lu Jinnian's frosty expression where he nearby with his eyes blankly sweeping over the three women on set. He walked over to where the monitor was.

Qiao Anhao also hadn't noticed Lu Jinnian. Her body instinctively stiffened when she suddenly heard his voice. She sneaked a glance at him before slightly lowering her head, standing cautiously in her spot without moving.

In contrast to her, Song Xiangsi, who stood beside her, looked like she was enjoying the drama of it all. Excitement radiated from her eyes as she looked at Lu Jinnian whilst holding in her laughter.

Just when Lin Shiyi could finally relax after much difficulty, her performance was ruthlessly brought up again.

Everyone on set focused on Lu Jinnian.

Seeing him walk over, the director immediately called out, "Mr. Lu."

Without wasting time, Lu Jinnian headed straight for the monitor. He reached out and pressed it, replaying the scene that was just shot. His expression grew even colder. He raised his hand and pointed to the screen.

He said to the director in freezing voice, "Lin Shiyi's acting skills are crap, why you never mentioned it before? I didn't put so much money into this TV series for you to fool the audience. You're blatantly insulting the audience's intelligence! Anyone off the street can act better than her!"

Lu Jinnian didn't hold back with his harsh and direct words. Though he wasn't loud, his voice discreetly reached every corner.

Lin Shiyi's face instantly turned pale, left without a single trace of blood.

The people present couldn't help but secretly draw in their breaths.

Those words were quite ruthless... Regardless of what was on screen, Lin Shiyi still had years under her belt of being a celebrity female star, so to be criticized as worthless by Lu Jinnian...

The director broke a sweat, chuckling uncomfortably. He said a few words to play up to Lu Jinnian, "So, Mr. Lu, how about this, we'll continue to TV series and let Lin Shiyi compose herself before we re-shoot?"